Ideas for the accessible bathroom in 2023: 4 Equipment examples

Accessible sanitary equipment will continue to be a key component when planning or renovating bathrooms in 2023. Innovative product solutions open up new possibilities to design that address the needs of your customers while being a real eye-catcher in the furnishing concept. But what current design options and ideas are there? You will not be able to ignore these barrier-free bathroom ideas when planning bathrooms for your customers in 2023:

  1. Colours that set accents
  2. Products that improve hygiene
  3. Trendy solutions that captivate with a matt black look
  4. Customised aids that support users

Discover individual design options with System 900


In 2023, there will be a burst of colour in the accessible bathroom. Colours vitalise, offer orientation and lift the mood of the users. They have proven influence on human health.

HEWI offers you added variety of design in no fewer than two well-known barrier-free sanitary systems:



With a palette of over 4,500 possible shades, the barrier-free HEWI System 900 offers individuality in colour design. Be it the current trend colours or a personal favourite shade - the solutions of the System 900 range will match any interior design concept. This allows the creation of unique colour concepts that create personal recognition value and set accents. True to the motto: make your own choice - choose your own colour.

System 900 is the answer to the complex requirements of barrier-free bathrooms. The products are well thought out down to the smallest detail and impress with their functionality, quality, assembly technology as well as their hygienic design. They offer users safety, and increase independence and comfort where strength and mobility are limited.

Design classic 477/801 series in a new look 

The new colour combination of the iconic HEWI 477/801 series in coral, aqua blue and pure white creates a design option that appeals to the senses. The ICONIC version is based on current colour trends and expands the design scope for architecture. At the same time, colour has a signalling effect. The colour highlighting of individual elements signals intuitive use to users. Especially in the case of limited vision, colours are ideal for facilitating orientation.

The HEWI 477/801 series meets all requirements in the barrier-free bathroom and is the classic when it comes to accessibility. The products are particularly characterised by their flexibility and stability, which allows them to respond to the individual needs of your customers and improve their well-being.


Discover individual design options with the 477/801 series

2. Products that improve hygiene

The Corona pandemic has brought the issue of hygiene into sharper focus since the spring of 2020. This trend will continue in 2023. While disinfectant dispensers are often available for hand hygiene in medical practices or public buildings, this is not necessary in your own home. It is more important to wash your hands thoroughly.

The sanitary accessories from HEWI offer the right solution for the most diverse room concepts. With soap dispensers, soap trays and waste bins, you create in the barrier-free sanitary rooms of your customers a possibility to wash the hands at the washbasin and thus improve hygiene.

System 162 is a real eye-catcher in a matt white finish. The accessories captivate with their puristic design and straight lines. The matt white surface makes the products look elegant and timeless. In this way, the sanitary accessories fit into existing room concepts and set fashionable accents.

3. Trendy solutions that captivate with a matt black look

Sanitary objects in a matt black look are also a trend that can be observed in many bathrooms in 2023 - because black is minimalist, timeless and elegant. From accessories to fittings, storage solutions, comfort products and barrier-free solutions, finishes in matt black are a particular eye-catcher. Whether as an accent or for the entire room design - matt black sanitary products in the accessible bathroom outlast short-lived trends.

HEWI offers numerous products in a matt black finish, with which you can realise a consistent and stylish interior design from the door right through into the bathroom.

4. Customised aids that support the users

Be it a washstand that adapts to the needs of the user or mobile storage space in the bathroom that allows one to always have the bathroom utensils within reach – individuality and mobility play a major role in barrier-free bathrooms in 2023.

The modular washbasin concept from HEWI can be expanded as required to include various adaptations such as grab rails or individually relocatable shelves. Soap dispensers, cups and hooks can also be placed appropriately in this way. Thus, the washbasin adapts to the needs of the user. If the supports are no longer needed, the washbasin can be quickly and easily dismantled.

A clever addition to the modular washbasin in terms of design and functionality is the mobile storage trolley. It can be conveniently pushed to wherever it is needed. The trolley offers flexible storage space. The lockable wheels ensure a solid foothold and thus increase safety. The storage trolley is available with powder-coated surfaces in high-gloss white or matt black with elegant chrome accents – it thus harmonises with various furnishing concepts.

Adapt optimally to the individual needs of the users: Modular washbasin concept and storage trolley

The needs of users in focus

Naturally, in addition to current trends, user-friendliness is not to be neglected in the accessible bathroom. Therefore, products that optimally adapt to the individual needs of users and support them in their everyday lives continue to be important. The following product solutions are a must in any accessible bathroom:

Accessible bathrooms with fashionable design

Whether it's colour-highlighted products, hygienic solutions, fashionable finishes in matt black, or mobile and individual everyday aids – there's a wealth of different ideas to help you design your customers' bathrooms according to current trends from 2023. After all, making a bathroom barrier-free doesn't mean you have to forgo trendy designs.

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