Franz Jordan Haus, Warburg

"Anyone can provide care - in addition to care, we enable our residents to live in a community that conveys the feeling of security and comfort", says Thomas Berens, Head of the Franz Jordan Haus in Warburg, summarizing the concept of the senior residence.


Structured design

The building is designed in such a way so it is also comprehensive for people with dementia, facilitating their orientation and perception. The color concept inside the building promotes the orientation of its residence. Each one of the residential groups is assigned a season. The hallways and rooms are designed accordingly. The handrails from HEWI are another guidance system. Made from elegant oak wood, they have a homey appearance and safely guide the residents through the building.

Community spaces invite residents to relax and linger. Residential and dining areas are laid out as central areas in the apartment-sharing community. Quiet places, like owns own room and seating corners, enable retreat into one's private sphere.

Bathrooms for a sense of well-being

The focus was on comfort as well as practicality when designing the therapy bathrooms. In addition to satisfying technical, ergonomic and functional requirements, the products utilized primarily provide comfort.


In accordance with this concept, sanitary accessories from the HEWI 800 system were utilized. The applied elements, for instance a stool and soap dispenser, are integrated into the rooms, which are reminiscent rather of a spa than a care bathroom. A lot of value was also placed on a comfortable atmosphere in the private resident bathrooms. "Security is a key sentiment for people who choose the St. Johannes senior center. We meet this faith, particularly in the hazardous area of the resident bathrooms, with practical and beautiful products from HEWI. They are a perfect symbiosis of our high quality standard and the perfect shape and function", Thomas Berens explains. The sanitary series LifeSystem from HEWI was utilized to support the residents.


Architecture firm

Matern & Wäschle, Paderborn

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