Juliusspital Hospice, Würzburg

In addition to their medical care the focus is also on the wellbeing of ill patients. The intention of the hospice is to give its residence a sense of security; when the rooms where outfitted, a lot of value was placed on comfort.


Since 2001, the Juliusspital Foundation has developed into a center for palliative care in the region of Lower Franconia. The palliative and hospice center includes a palliative station, an academy for palliative medicine where ethical aspects are discussed in addition to medical questions, plus an outpatient palliative service and since 2013, a hospice.

With its hospice, the Julius Foundation offers severely and terminally ill people the opportunity to receive inpatient treatment and thereby live a self-determined, dignified life until they die. As a small facility that is set up in an informal manner, the hospice supports severely ill or dying people during their final phase of life. In addition to palliative medicine and care, it also offers psychiatric, social and spiritual support to the hospice guests. Not only is the focus on the wishes and needs of the dying people, family members can also be supported by the foundation if desired, receiving support in dealing with mourning for instance.


The hospice has ten rooms and a lot of value was placed on a comfortable atmosphere when they were being outfitted. For instance, the rooms each have their own entrance to the garden. The bathrooms are also designed to be barrier-free. The focus here is also on comfort. To match the chrome sanitary accessories, chrome supporting fold-down handles were selected to outfit the washrooms. The washbasin has an integrated handle that can be used to pull up to the washbasin and for stability. Because of its shape, the washbasin can easily also be used in sitting, for instance from a wheelchair.

The guest rooms are located in a south-facing single-floor building. A two-floor building attaches to the guest wing - this is where the living room and common room is located, as well as a quiet room and the supply, personnel, and office rooms.


Architecture firm

GKP - Architects

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