Children's centre Heining, Passau

The caregivers call the nursery "birch forest" because of the birch tree trunks in the foyer that create the illusion that one is standing in the middle of a forest.


Good childcare and early support for all children are amongst the most important tasks for the future. Needs-based, pedagogical care supports the development of children. As a particularly flexible form of care, daycare facilities for children play a central role.

The Heining children's shelter consists of a total of eight groups in which 170 children from the ages of 3 months to 12 years of age are supervised. The establishment has been around since 1960 and has undergone ongoing modernization. In 2010, the lower level was converted and a nursery for small children under three years of age was set up. There is a "birch forest" in the entrance to the nursery - a cloakroom made from birch tree trunks. Behind it there is a wall of mirrors, so the individual tree trunks appear as an entire forest. The usage of natural materials is a common theme that is found throughout the entire nursery. The architecture firm HM Zeilberger commissioned with the conversion selected rubber and dark oak flooring for the floors. 


A large part of the furniture was especially produced from light wood according to plans from the HM Zeilberger architecture firm. Warm green shades finish the walls and the interior furnishings.

Independence through products that are suitable for children

The entire furnishings are made to meet the needs of small children. Cuddle corners, usage of high-quality materials and colorful design create an atmosphere of well-being. The lighting concept is based on indirect lighting and a lot of daylight thereby highlighting the friendly, bright ambiance. The products utilized are selected in such a way that they are easy for children to use and promote their independence. The washbasins in the sanitary rooms are mounted at a child-friendly height. The soap dispenser has a particularly large press button that is easy for little hands to use.


Architecture firm

HM Zeilberger Passau

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