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Minimized physical effort

In terms of universal design, an important element for the design of sanitary rooms is to enable them to be used as independently as possible. On the one hand, whilst modular equipment is essential and ideally suited for this, especially in private bathrooms, where maybe not all help is needed right from the start. Rooms and objects should be adaptable to suit individual needs at any time. On the other hand, the products used should, as far as possible, promote independence and thus also self-determination. HEWI products are intended to support a natural posture whilst taking into account appropriate operating forces, and used with a minimum of physical effort.

Understanding movement

With current planning practices and innovative product developments, feel-good bathrooms and barrier-free accessibility can easily be combined. Unlimited accessibility, generous areas of movement with flexible support and seating options, benefit not just the disabled, but people of all ages and walks of life – children, adults, those with a short term accessibility need and caring relatives as well as nursing staff.

Kinaesthetics is also a focus of all HEWI product design. It is how we include different movement patterns into our developments and how we create options for use, including for example, right or left-hand use. Our goal is to consciously perceive movement, recognize movement patterns and ultimately to use them for advancing our product development.

Well considered and intelligently designed equipment can help promote a patient's exercise potential. As well as clearly recognizing the function of an aid, different surfaces and textures, or high-contrast colors help motivate positivity and intuitive use. Our primary goal here is to support people in movement sequences and thus enable greater mobility.

Providing safety

Holding and support options such as hinged rails or grab handles, support the process of movement at the washbasin, at the toilet and in the shower. By minimizing the effort required to sit down and stand up, the handles can also serve as stabilization while standing.

Depending on personal requirements, HEWI offers a wide range of solutions like hinged support rails with a second level grip, which helps support particularly complex movement sequences, such as transferring from a wheelchair to the toilet. The horizontal level serves as a support when sitting down and as a leverage point when pulling or getting up. The vertical plane supports the quite complex change of position, for example when turning around the body axis.

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