Comfortable and Convenient Use

Safety and independence

Safety, independence and comfortable and convenient use are factors that boost a patient's well-being. Independent patients relieve the work load of care personnel enormously. System 900 is designed to support people with limited mobility. In addition to safe use, comfort and convenience were also focal aspects during the product development stage. The support systems are therefore not only extremely resistant to loads, their cross-sections are optimally adapted to the human hand so that they are safe to grip. The round tubular design of System 900 also offers a pleasant gripping feeling. Equally, the shower seats increase the safety and independence of the user: the ergonomic design promotes stable sitting. The pleasant surface, which is slip-resistant even when wet, is comfortable to sit on. A reliable fixing and stable design increase safety.

Shower seats

Reliable comfort and convenience

The large variety of shower seats enables a precise fitting solution. Permanently installed shower seats, hook-in seats and mobile solutions are available to choose from. They can be folded up against the wall to save space and therefore do not take up unnecessary space when they are not needed. The hook-in seat is particularly lightweight; it weighs less than 9 kg and is thus easy to carry without a great deal of effort.

The design not only enables maximum stability, but also flat surfaces so that the shower seats are easy to clean. The seat is made of thermosetting synthetic material (polypropylene). It is therefore resistant to cleaning products and wound disinfectants. The pleasant slip-resistant surface, slightly shaped moulded seat and ergonomic backrest ensure a comfortable and safe feeling when sitting.

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Comfortable and Convenient Use
  • Different sizes and designs

Comfortable and Convenient Use
  • Focus on design
  • Generously sized seat design increases comfort and safety

Comfortable and Convenient Use
  • High quality material

  • Secure hold and support to users

Comfortable and Convenient Use
  • Easy to clean

  • Non-porous surface increase hygiene

Comfortable and Convenient UseParticularly soft sitting comfort
  • Up to 450 lbs (204 kg) max. load capacity

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