High Degree of Functionality

Suitable solutions

The functions of System 900 are matched to the highly different standards of the respective area of use. Preconfigured products make subsequent addition of individual product functions unnecessary. With System 900, you acquire the right solution without retrofit, directly and optimally aligned with the specific requirements. The large product range depth fulfils even the complex requirements of accessible design.
For example, the hinged support rail is available with different configurations – from the minimalistic mono hinged support rail to the fully equipped duo hinged support rail with toilet roll holder and radio-controlled flushing mechanism.
The System 900 hinged support rails have a maintenance-free brake. This controls the lowering of the hinged support rail. The rail can be moved up and down with little effort. If the angle is larger than 45 °, the hinged support rail remains in any arbitrary position and can be lowered or folded against the wall with minimum effort. From an angle of 45 °, the rail gently lowers automatically. The hinge bearing is wear-free, maintenance and clearance-free and guarantees smooth and easy of the hinged support rail. A defined stop prevents the hinged support rail from hitting the wall. The hinged support rails are designed to provide extreme stability. Additional stiffening increases safety and offers reliable support.

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Well Thought-Through Functions
  • Maintenance-free brake controls the lowering of the hinged support rail and minimizes the risk of injury

Well Thought-Through Functions
  • Extreme stability due to additional stiffening increases safety

Well Thought-Through Functions
  • Secure, reliable stop protects the wall

Well Thought-Through Functions
  • Few components make cleaning easier and increase hygiene

  • Only real materials

Well Thought-Through Functions
  • Two design provides

Well Thought-Through Functions
  • Optional sealing strip
  • Concealed fastening
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