Hygienic Design

Easy to clean

Especially in the professional care sector, hygiene requirements are particularly high. All System 900 products have been developed so that they provide maximum cleanliness in the bathroom. To this end, only easy-care materials such as stainless steel and nonporous polyamide are used. These have a particularly hygienic surface and also offer optimum cleaning properties. System 900 is made exclusively of real materials, which are extremely resistant to cleaning products.

The products are made from few components, resulting in an extremely small number of joints. The joints are made extremely precisely by using laser technology. They are characterised by their minimum gap dimensions. Concealed fixing also contributes to the hygienic design. The result is surfaces that are particularly easy to clean.

Additional hygiene

Optional sealing strip for fixing elements

Optionally, the wall brackets of the hinged support rails and shower seats, and the fixing roses of the support rails and rail systems can be fitted with a sealing strip. This reliably seals between the fixing element and the wall - even at a tile offset or in case of uneven joints.

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