A dream bathroom according to your ideas

With HEWI system solutions, you can turn your bathroom into an oasis of well-being. Convenient details transform your bathroom into a bathroom for generations, making long-term use possible.

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The bath for generations - your individual oasis of well-being

What used to be a purely functional room used only for personal hygiene is now an oasis of peace, relaxation and family place in one. With this change, the demands on the bathroom have increased today. In addition to comfort and the feel-good factor, the bathroom should also be functional and suitable for use by all generations. Thinking about tomorrow today: HEWI offers intelligent solutions which combine functionality and design and turn your bathroom into a comfort bathroom for the whole family.

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There are many design options for the bathroom. The harmonious combination of different materials, furnishing elements and colours makes your bathroom your individual dream bathroom. Your comfort bathroom of today is already your senior-friendly bathroom of tomorrow - without major conversion work. What today means a lot of space for you to relax, tomorrow will give you security and help in everyday life.