System Solutions for Corridors and Stairs

Guide and Orientation Systems

A handrail makes an important contribution to preventing falls – it secures movement of people with reduced sense of balance and provides reliable support. Round handrails are especially easy and therefore safe to grip around. Coordination and force transfer are improved,

if the diameter of the handrail is adapted to the human hand. Handrails are used as an orientation system for people with impaired vision. Tactilely discernable signage also helps these people to orientate themselves.

Handrail Systems

Secure Grip in Corridors and on Stairs

Handrails provide a safe, secure grip in corridors and on stairs. Handrails with a diameter between 3 and 4.5 cm are particularly easy to grip. Round or rounded shapes enable secure gripping and effect transfer of gripping force.

Tactile aids

Tactile information, for example, storey numbers, promote orientation and therefore the independence of the visually impaired. Both Braille and raised lettering should be used.