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Improved Hygiene with HEWI active+

Brochure with information about the effectiveness of antimicrobial products

Brochure with information about the effectiveness of antimicrobial products

Multi-resistant organisms are a major issue, not only in hospitals. Wherever large numbers of people gather in one place – for example in a cinema or a stadium – there is a higher risk of infection due to the microbial contamination of surfaces.

Regular cleaning and disinfection considerably reduces the risk of infection. Products that have an antimicrobial effect offer additional protection. HEWI active+ antimicrobial products efficiently help to improve hygiene. HEWI active+ contains micro silver, whose antimicrobial properties reduce bacteria growth on the product surface for the next 24 hours by at least 99.9 percent. Independent testing institutes have proven its effectiveness against multi-resistant microorganisms such as MRSA and MRSE, for example.

Learn more about how HEWI active+ efficiently helps to additionally improve hygiene in the latest brochure. The brochure is now available for download here on the HEWI website as a browsable digital catalogue or a PDF document. A printed version may also be ordered via the HEWI website.

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