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Award for the European Solidarity Centre

European Council honours HEWI reference project

The Museum Prize of the European Council for 2016 is awarded to the European Solidarity Centre in Danzig. The European Council Award has been awarded since 1977 to museums which have made a significant contribution to understanding of the European cultural heritage.

The museum was built on the former Lenin shipyard, the original home of the Solidarity movement. The memorial site and education facility is dedicated to the Polish trade union Solidarity and the citizens’ movements in other Central and Eastern European states. It enables visitors to experience the peaceful revolution which took place more than 25 years ago. With 20,000 square metres, the museum not only exhibits the past, but also looks to the future and is actively committed to freedom and solidarity in Europe.

The Solidarity Centre is not only a preserver of European values, but is also a meeting place. Apart from historical elements, for example, the shipyard gate, the complex is made up of new buildings. The puristic accessories in the sanitary rooms of the museum fit in with the modern architecture. Practical dispenser products improve hygiene at the washbasin and WC and make it easier for the personnel to manage stocks of consumables, for example, paper towels, soap and toilet paper. Accessibility products of the LifeSystem range enable people with physical limitations to also visit the museum. Adjustable mirrors at the washbasin can be adjusted to the required height using a handle, for example, so that they are also accessible to wheelchair users.

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