Beverage Manufacturer, Berlin

In the middle of Berlin's new hip and trendy district, Mediaspree, is the office complex used by a beverage manufacturer as the home of its German head office. The office building provides space for 550 employees.


Between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, in the Osthafen area of Berlin, the former industrial port in the eastern part of the city, Berlin's new hip and trendy district is being created. Directly on the publicly accessible banks of the River Spree is the office building, "Berlin's Große Freiheit", which is being used by a beverage manufacturer as its German headquarters. Numerous businesses in the media and creative industry have settled in the immediate vicinity, giving rise to the area's alternative name "Mediaspree".

The seven storey office building provides space for 550 jobs and was designed by the Berlin architects nps tchoban voss. The building is certified to the internationally recognised LEED Gold Standard. For example, EVSE (electrical vehicle supply equipment) is provided in the parking spaces for use by plug-in electric vehicles.


The lighting is controlled automatically, depending on the daylight available. The flat roof has been planted with an extensive vegetated roof system, in order to fulfil the high LEED criteria.

The office complex has been designed so that the offices of the employees are located along the outer envelope. The building's core accommodates conference and service rooms as well as sanitary facilities. The 40 WCs in the building have been fitted out with sanitary Range 477/801 products. Clever details facilitate use and increase hygiene. For example, the wastebins can be opened with the hand as well as with the knee by pressing lightly against the housing.

The architects

Jürgen MAYER H. Architects


System 162

System 162

The Consistent Public System

System 162

System 162 was designed for use in public areas. The stainless steel and polyamide materials are characteristically extremely robust and are therefore particularly well suited for the highly frequented sanitary room.

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