EYE Museum, Amsterdam

The EYE Film Institute set itself the objective of making the cinema an experience. The museum collects historical film material, restores it and presents the rare items to the public in a completely new context. The enormous collection is presented in four cinema halls with a total of 640 seats and an exhibition area of 1200 m2.


Until now the twenty-storey Overhoeks Tower on the former Shell industrial site was the only striking architecture on the northern bank of the Ij. With EYE Amsterdam now has a new landmark. Angular, brilliant white and brightly lit, it sets a visible signal. The spectacular Amsterdam film museum was designed by the Austrian firm of architects Delugan Meissl.

The sculptural, futuristic building evades quick comprehension both on the inside and on the outside. Just like the sequence of images in a film, new perspectives open up again and again.


The spatial appearance of the EYE museum changes depending on the viewer's location. The building appears at times to be more slender, higher, more stocky, more open, more closed. The dynamism of the building is continued inside with the HEWI lever door handle Range 120. The hardware, developed together with Delugan Meissl, pick up on the style of the architecture. The folded silhouette of the lever handle produces dynamic lines and flowing spatial contexts.

The architects

Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, Vienna


Range 120

Range 120

Presence in the room

Range 120

The fitting Range 120 provides a futuristic design. The characteristic style of this unusual hardware range is noticeable and provides a high degree of presence at the door. Thanks to the extravagant design the lever door handles have an unusual touch.

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