Franz Jordan Haus, Warburg

"Anyone can provide care - in addition to care we enable the residents to live in a community which communicates a feeling of security and reassuredness" is how Thomas Berens, head of the Franz Jordan Haus in Warburg, summarises the concept of the residential home for the elderly.


Structure design

The building is designed so that it also appears clear to people suffering from dementia and thus makes orientation and perception easier for them. The colour concept inside the building promotes the orientation of the residents. Each of the four residential groups is assigned a season. The corridors and rooms are designed accordingly. A further guide system is formed by the handrails from HEWI. Made of real oak, they appear homely and guide residents safely through the building.

Communal areas invite people to stay a while. The living and eating areas are created as central locations in the residential community. Quiet locations, such as the residents' own rooms and seating niches in the corridor, enable them to withdraw to privacy.

Bathrooms to feel good in

Comfort and not utility was also the focus of the design of the therapy bathrooms. Apart from fulfilling technical, ergonomic and functional requirements, the products used also provide comfort and convenience.


In line with this concept, sanitary accessories of HEWI's System 800 were used. The elements used, for example, stools and soap dispensers, integrate in the rooms, which are more reminiscent of a spa than a care bathroom. Much importance was also placed in a homely atmosphere in the private bathrooms of the residents. "A feeling of reassuredness stands for a central attitude towards life of people who opt for the Sankt Johannes residential centre for the elderly. We can repay this trust in particular in the risky environment of the resident's bathroom with practical and attractive products from HEWI. They are a perfect symbiosis of our high quality standard and perfect form and function", says Thomas Berens. HEWI's LifeSystem sanitary system was used to assist the residents.



Matern & Wäschle, Paderborn

System 800

Hochwertige Accessoires

System 800

Aufgrund der klaren und dennoch emotionalen Formensprache schafft das Sanitärsystem 800 eine Wohlfühlatmosphäre. Neben Sanitär-Accessoires bietet das System Komfortelemente, wie beispielsweise Hocker oder durchgehende Spiegel, und kann mit barrierefreien Produkten ergänzt werden.

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