Hotel Brunnenhaus, Landau

Hotel Brunnenhaus, Landau
Hotel Brunnenhaus, Landau
Hotel Brunnenhaus, Landau

The Waldecker Land region in the middle of Germany stands out thanks to the densely wooded low mountain range. The Landau Castle lies in a picturesque setting above the valley through which the river Watter flows on the north-western side of the Landau city hill. The castle has a chequered history: originally built as a fortress in the 13th century, it was expanded and became the castle of a count in the 14th century. For a long time it was the residence of the aristocratic Waldeck family. Later it was used as a college for future farmers, then it was converted into a care home and ultimately stood empty.


This chequered history is also reflected in the structure of the building. The Landau castle has undergone several renovations creating a blend of various different eras. Despite modernisation the aim is to maintain the authentic character of the castle. The owner of the building opted for the Biedermeier style for the renovations. The castle of counts complex also includes the pump room in which the hotel is located. The red brick facade forms a delightful contrast to the castle facade that is painted in yellow.


Biedermeier stands for simple elegance. Accordingly, the hotel interior has an unostentatious and subtle design. This mansion-like property finds a perfect balance between historical charm and the convenience of modern amenities. For instance, the beds in the guest rooms are made-to-measure handicraft. The smart equipment in the rooms, for instance the lights, room temperature and entertainment options, can be controlled conveniently from the bed. Another aspect of the room comfort is also that there is e.g. a shower stool in the shower and a hinged support rail next to the toilet. The subtle design can be followed through down to the smallest detail thanks to the purist accessories of HEWI's Range 162. Each room is designed individually so that the furnishings are perfectly matched the guests' personal preferences.


Photos Längengrad 9
Architect Planungsbüro Niehaus
Owners/developers H-Hotels AG

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