Hotel Narvil, Serock

Hotel Narvil is hidden in the Serock forest and located on the banks of the Narew river. It blends in harmoniously with its environmentLarge-scale glass facades allow a view over the omnipresent nature, creating a flowing transition between inside and outside.


At the same time, the surrounding nature was the inspiration for the architecture of the hotel, as well as its interior design. The facade is reminiscent of tree trunks whose branches overlap and joint together to make a thick tree top. This organic theme continues from the cafeteria, through to the hallways and spa area. Tree and water elements are captured in the guest rooms. The organic components complement the strict geometrically designed shapes. 


The play of contradictions (organic vs. geometric) is implemented down to the very last detail. For example, seemingly cool stainless steel fittings from the HEWI System 162 are combined together with dark real wood doors. The design by System 162 is based on a mitre cut, resulting in clear lines that perfectly conform with the geometrically designed elements in the interior design.

System 162

The consistent public system

System 162

In the sanitary room, the focus was turned to achieving a high degree of functionality. System 162 sanitary accessories have been used in the toilet area. The puristic stainless steel range underlines the overall design of the building.

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