Schlump One Hamburg

The "Schlump One" office building is located in the middle of Hamburg, between the university quarter and Schanzen district. The name is based on the former name of the plot, "Up the slump", which in turn refers to the former moor landscape.


The administration building built in the 1950s was first modernised in the 1990s. The Berlin firm J. Mayer H. Architects was responsible for the recent structural alterations to the administration building and gave it its characteristic curved exterior design.

The building in Eimsbüttel was gutted, renovated and extended during the structural alterations. The organic redesign of the façade is the re-interpretation of the architecture of the original 1950s architecture.


The combination of glass façade and protruding metal elements produces the striking appearance of the office building. The style of the outer envelope is consistently continued in the outdoor spaces accessible to the public and inside the building. The commercial property is laid out so that it can be designed flexibly – up to four letting units per storey can be formed with areas between 160 to 1 200 m2.

The architects

Jürgen MAYER H. Architects


System 162

System 162

The consistent public system

System 162

In the sanitary room, the focus was turned to achieving a high degree of functionality. System 162 sanitary accessories have been used in the toilet area. The puristic stainless steel range underlines the overall design of the building.

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