HEWI minimalistischer Türgriff in Schwarz matt aus Polyamid mit Kupferfarbener Rosette aus Edelstahl

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Door handle rosette: minimalism is the trend

Doors not only fulfil their purpose: they act as an attractive eye-catcher in the home, in offices, clinics, doctors' surgeries or in other public buildings. The matching door fitting completes this picture. The design trend for the lever handle rose is towards minimalism. Small rosettes are simpler and more elegant. They blend harmoniously into any room. Doors are thus shown off to even better advantage. Find out more in this article.

Door open, door closed - not possible without the door fitting. But it can do more than that: With special functions, the door fitting additionally secures the home. Inside the home, a trendy door fitting also attracts all eyes. In addition to the visual, the haptic properties also play an important role.

What is the benefit of the door handle rosette? 

The door handle rose is a cover plate above the door lock. It is usually circular. A distinction can be made between lever handle rosettes and key rosettes. For key (hole) rosettes, there are versions with plain perforation and with profile cylinder perforation (PZ perforation). The ones with PZ perforation are manufactured according to DIN 18257 as protective or security escutcheons, with or without cylinder cover (ZA), in round or oval shape. A lever handle without a rose is rather unusual.

HEWI mini - lever handle rosette reduced to the essentials

While the rosettes on many building fittings appear quite striking, the lever handle on HEWI mini is kept minimalist. The lever handle rose is greatly reduced in size and thus emphasises the clear geometry of the HEWI lever handle. This puts the door handle in a completely new light. The deliberate simplification is thus a style-defining element of the door. However, HEWI does not forego functionality - quite the opposite.

HEWI minimalistischer Türgriff mit Frei-Besetzt-Rosette in Schwarz aus Polyamid

New assembly concept from HEWI mini

The technology HEWI uses for mini sets new standards for craftsmen. This is because the innovative mounting concept significantly facilitated the development of the mini lever handle rose. It is now possible to dispense with drilling the door leaf. The rosette has a diameter of only 32 mm and an overall height of 3 mm. The escutcheon is available with WC lock, bunt-beard or PZ escutcheon.

HEWI Mini | Simply explained

Door handle rosette: Versatile use thanks to high-quality materials

The mini lever handle can be wonderfully combined with the HEWI design classic System 111 and is therefore versatile. Both in the private sector, in residential construction and in heavily frequented office and commercial buildings. The fastening technology meets the requirements of user category 4 according to DIN 1906. In addition, mini meets the requirements of corrosion protection class 5 according to DIN EN 1906. It is therefore corrosion-resistant. In addition, mini scores points together with the matching door fitting - such as System 162 - with simple installation. Furthermore, mini is available exclusively in high-quality, durable materials. Either in high-gloss polyamide or in matt polished stainless steel. A door with a stainless steel lever handle looks particularly elegant.

To sum up: lever handle roses in a minimalist form put doors in a completely new light. HEWI mini thus gives every door a simple elegance.


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