Please follow! - Marking escape routes
with fittings

When planning and equipping buildings, the focus is on people's security. Escape routes should be easy to find and follow, especially in panic situations. In the following we present four pieces of hardware from HEWI that serve as escape route markings in dangerous situations and are accessible.

  1. HEWI panic bar

  2. HEWI lever handles

  3. HEWI Handrails

  4. HEWI symbols

1. Whether day or night - the panic bar marks the escape route

The furnishing and fitting of buildings should combine the components of both design and function. The same can be said for fittings. In particular, they should be comfortable in the hand, match the interior and of course, open doors. Particularly essential in emergencies and other dangerous situations. Emergency exits must be capable of being opened without any great effort by using a handle and without the user having any prior knowledge of how to operate the exit. HEWI’s panic bar offers a reliable and permanently functioning hardware solution. It can be operated intuitively with minimal effort and so meets the requirements of DIN EN 1125 for emergency exits. The doubled-up handle area made of coloured polyamide not only helps visualise handling, it is also detectable by touch and thus follows the two-senses principle. By marking the optimum pressure point according to the two-senses principle, the Panic Bar fulfils the requirements of DIN 18040 for accessible buildings.

The panic bar glow is a luminous alternative. It shows the exit even in the dark. The Panic Bar Glow works without a power supply because it stores ambient light which them glows in low light situations. Its fluorescent elements increase safety and orientation on escape and rescue routes.


Precise installation is made easy due to its telescopic nature (710 - 1580 mm) of the Panic bar. This allows it to be easily adjusted to the required mounting width. 

2. Colourful signposts in buildings - push bars attract attention

Push bars can be used at emergency exits where panic situations are least expected because occupants of the building know where the exits are (DIN EN 179). They are particularly recommended for heavy doors, because it means they can be opened effortlessly with one hand using the lever handle. Push bars are not just ideal as emergency exit closures, they can also enable accessible operating comfort at variable heights. They allow a flexible height of between 75 to 120 cm. The advantage of HEWI lever handles is that they are available in HEWI colours and consequently directly catch the eye with their striking colours (coral, apple green, orange). This makes exits vastly more noticeable and the escape route markings are more easily recognised.

3. Tactile - handrails make escape routes tangible

Bolted continuously to the wall, ENTRO handrails indicate exit routes and provide support and orientation in emergency situations.

ENTRO, a subsidiary of HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH, offers modular solutions impressive functionality, certified quality and a clear design language. The modular principle enables a wide range of variations through a combination of different surfaces and materials. All our ENTRO products can be combined with all our HEWI systems which enables consistent, continuous furnishing of a building. Thus the handrails not only serve as markings for escape routes, but also protect the walls from abrasion and impact and provide support when walking. For the blind and those with visual impairments, signs with their location in Braille can be attached to the ends of the handrails. This means, they can always identify where they are in the building without requiring outside help and makes finding escape routes easier.

4. Twice as good - symbols and fittings

To increase the functionality of the fittings interior signs are also available to match them. They can be attached to doors for example, and indicate how to operate the door with a simple "pull" or "push". Signs support the fittings that are used intuitively and they also offer a double guarantee of how the doors work in emergency situations.

Fittings used as identification for escape routes

Fittings and door handles are used every day. We use them subconsciously and hardly notice them. However, in dangerous situations, they have to be obvious. For this reason HEWI has developed fittings that also serve as escape route markings. Whether panic bar, lever handle, grab bar or symbol signs, they all increase safety in dangerous situations and aid accessibility at the same time.


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