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Barrier-free shower: 6 Innovative sanitary solutions

Floor-level showers are standard in the barrier-free sanitary room. There is hardly a new building in which they are not installed. Nevertheless, not every floor-level shower is also barrier-free. We present 6 custom-fit barrier-free sanitary solutions for your customer's shower.

Challenge barrier-free shower

A floor-level shower is totally in vogue at the moment, and not only in accessible sanitary rooms. The reason is the elegant appearance and the easy accessibility for every user. It is barrier-free and, with the right floor space, also enables wheelchair users to shower independently. However, it is not only the level shower that makes the shower barrier-free. Shower seats, Support rails and many other products make a significant contribution to creating accessibility in the shower. HEWI offers a wide range of barrier-free products that meet the individual needs of users and make the shower experience as comfortable as possible. In the following we present 6 innovative barrier-free sanitary solutions for the shower.

  1. HEWI shower seats
  2. HEWI stools
  3. HEWI grab rails
  4. HEWI shower holder system
  5. HEWI shower curtains
  6. HEWI shower shelves

1. HEWI shower seats - comfort and safety in the barrier-free shower

High-quality shower seats offer versatile seating and storage options in barrier-free sanitary rooms. In this way, they not only increase comfort, but also safety for the users. HEWI shower seats can support loads of up to 150 kg. They are characterised by a hygienic surface that is easy to clean. In addition, the seat surface is designed to prevent slipping when wet and thus provides reliable support. HEWI offers matching shower seats for different sanitary rooms. Different sizes and shapes guarantee that HEWI shower seats fit into really any shower. In addition to the permanently installed shower seat, a height-adjustable shower seat, a suspended seat and a mobile shower seat are also available.

Permanently installed shower seats have a folding seat surface. If the shower seat is not needed, more space can be created in the shower with a flick of the wrist. This means that the shower can be adapted to the individual needs of the user and is barrier-free for everyone to use. If required, the permanently installed shower seats can be fitted with a backrest, which further increases comfort.

Particularly in existing bathrooms, the HEWI hook-in seat is ideal for adding a seat to the shower particularly easily. It is simply hooked into permanently installed HEWI shower handrails or grab rails and thus secured. The HEWI suspended seats are optionally available with backrest, armrest and with a folding device.

Those who wish to design the shower equipment flexibly can fall back on the mobile solution of the HEWI shower seats. It is snapped into a permanently installed mounting plate and secured with a fixing screw. This means that the shower seat can be removed from the wall and reattached at any time without tools. When the mobile solution is no longer required, the mounting plate disappears behind a discreet cover.

The height-adjustable shower seat from the LifeSystem is particularly suitable for barrier-free showers used by different people. It can be adjusted in height in four stages without any effort and thus optimally adapts to the user's body dimensions. This seating comfort is supported by the ergonomic design of the shower seat. The integrated hygiene opening facilitates personal hygiene

2. HEWI stool - mobile seating for the bathroom

HEWI stools support safe sitting in the bathroom and shower. As a mobile product, they are flexible and can be used wherever they are needed. Whether in the shower, at the washbasin or as a storage surface, the stool is a barrier-free sanitary solution that can be used in many ways. They are available with integrated recessed grips and grab rails for easier sitting down and standing up.

HEWI has developed barrier-free sanitary solutions especially for obese patients, which promote the mobility and independence of patients and provide safe support. One of these products is the HEWI shower bench. It can support up to 300 kg and offers safe sitting in the shower. The handles on the side provide additional support

3. HEWI grab rails - safety and support in the barrier-free shower

Grab rails can be installed in various places in the bathroom - be it at the bedside table, at the toilet or in the shower. They provide safety and support in the bathroom by ensuring stability, among other things. Grip surfaces and cross-sections adapted to the hand enable dynamic gripping and effective power transmission. HEWI grab rails for the bathroom and shower allow simple, comfortable and above all flexible use. Filigree supports and extremely flat rosettes emphasise the reduced design. A wide range of materials offers design options.

Due to wall unevenness and at the joints, fixing rosettes of grab rails often do not close completely flat with the wall. The HEWI sealing element provides a quick and reliable seal. The fastening rosettes of the support rails and bar systems of the System 900 can be equipped with it. The products are designed so that water does not collect on the surfaces and can run off. This enables individual installation in the barrier-free shower without having to take wall unevenness into account.

Grab rails that can also be used as shower rails are also practical, as the next section shows

4. HEWI shower holder system - individual design

The HEWI system design enables a consistent design from the door to the sanitary room. High-quality HEWI shower support rails are available in various designs and materials to match all sanitary systems. The choice is between matt polished stainless steel, high-gloss chrome surfaces or colourful polyamide.

The HEWI WARM TOUCH shower rail combines the visual properties of high-gloss chrome surfaces with the tactile properties of polyamide. The products feel pleasantly warm and thus contribute to a sense of well-being. Due to this property, WARM TOUCH products are particularly suitable for patients with increased sensitivity to cold, as is the case with rheumatic diseases, for example.

Particularly innovative are barrier-free systems in which the shower bar can be used as a holding and support handle at the same time. The HEWI shower rail can therefore be extended with HEWI shower handrails and offers the user more stability and holding options in the shower. With System 900, the handrail and the grab rail are connected by the innovative plug-in snap-in connection. Instead of the usual four fixing points, only three rosettes are required with the innovative sanitary solution. This speeds up installation considerably and creates surfaces that are particularly easy to clean.

The HEWI shower bracket integrated in the HEWI shower bracket system for the ranges and systems 477/801, 802, 950 and 900 can be tilted as required and adjusted in height with one hand. This facilitates the individual adjustment of the hand shower for the user and is particularly suitable for barrier-free showers.

5. HEWI shower curtains - space for unrestricted movement

Level showers not only contribute to accessibility, but also offer more freedom of movement in the sanitary room. This space can be supported for unrestricted movement, by fold-away shower enclosures or by innovative barrier-free sanitary solutions such as the HEWI shower curtains. They can be pulled to the side when the shower is not in use and offer more room to move, especially in small bathrooms.

HEWI shower curtains are available in various designs. Some of them have a finish against mould and mildew stains, are washable or flame retardant according to DIN 4102/B1. They are available in many standard sizes and can be made to measure on request, according to your specifications

6. HEWI shower shelves - individual placement

Shelves create space in the bathroom. A wide range of shelves is available to match the HEWI sanitary systems and ranges. Different sizes allow shelves to be fitted at any height in the shower and flexibly adapt to the needs of the users. In this way, storage space and shelf space is created and it is easier to reach for the things that have been put away. The inserts of the shelves can be removed for better cleaning.

Attachable storage boxes from HEWI are an additional innovative barrier-free sanitary solution. They are compatible with the HEWI bar system and avoid additional drill holes thanks to their clip-on mechanism. In public buildings, the HEWI active+ storage box is ideal. With its antimicrobial and antibacterial effectiveness, it ensures more hygiene in the barrier-free shower

Innovative barrier-free HEWI sanitary solutions for the shower

Innovative barrier-free sanitary solutions for the shower are used every day. HEWI therefore attaches great importance to functionality and a universal design. With the HEWI shower seats, stools and grab rails as well as the HEWI shower holder system, shower curtains and shower shelves, you can equip showers barrier-free and make the showering experience even more comfortable. If you are currently planning a new or renovated sanitary room - KfW is once again promoting barrier-free renovation measures

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