New colour concept

16 design options

The new HEWI colour concept opens up numerous design options: As a clearly defined colour world it lends a building an individual character. Colour gives a room or space structure and is therefore extremely suitable as a guide system, which assists orientation in the building.

The colour range of the 16 HEWI colours has been coordinated to produce diverse combination options. All HEWI polyamide systems and ranges can be combined with each other. The modular principle enables consistent design from the door through to the sanitary room.

Colour and function

Strengthen perception

Assist orientation

A coherent colour concept serves as an orientation aid, for example, to increase the recognisability of the storey or a ward in a hospital. Coloured handrails and door lever fittings are easy to use guidance systems for people with limited sight.

Signal use

Implements of daily use, for example, sanitary accessories can become easier to perceive if they stand out against their surroundings through high-contrast colour. If only the functional area of the product is designed in colour, the colour accent signals use of the product and facilitates intuitive use.

Colour and dementia

Coloured contrasts can be used, for example, to facilitate perception of their environment for people with dementia. Following these design requirements, HEWI has developed a washbasin as well as suitable bathroom accessories and accessibility products.

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