Furniture range M 20

Storage system for children

Mobiliar M 20

The new furniture range M 20 provides scope for a wide range of design options. The modular concept is particularly flexible and is therefore perfect for almost every kindergarten or primary school corridor. The single cube is the central design element and can be extended as required.

The various elements (single, series or twin versions) can be arranged and combined with each other to suit the respective requirements.

Triple hooks set colourful accents and make it easy for children to keep the cloakroom area tidy. Ergonomic benches in various heights complete the furniture range and perfectly blend into the interiors of kindergartens and primary schools. The new furniture system can therefore be used by small as well as older children. Also available are boxes and bags for th children's property decorated with different pictures which they can colour in themselves.

Products for kindergartens and schools must be able to withstand long-term heavy use. The high-quality modular elements are manufactured from birch veneer plywood with a decorative white finish. The material is extremely durable and easy to clean. The products are designed to ensure minimum risk of injury. They have been tested to ensure that they meet the stricter standards for kindergartens and schools in accordance with the applicable guidelines ("GS" - tested safety standard).


HEWI | Education

Furniture solutions for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools must meet a range of requirements.. They must be able to withstand long-term heavy use and therefore be robust from the outset. The architectural structure of the building should match the respective age group, and create an ambience that inspires play as well as joint learning. HEWI offers customisable solutions for the specific requirements of these premises - from the entrance to the bathroom.

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