Innovative Material for Hospitals, Rehab and Care


WARM TOUCH combines the visual properties of high-gloss chrome surfaces with the haptic properties of polyamide. Polyamide has a pleasant temperature when touched and contributes to the sense of well-being. WARM TOUCH has been developed for use in the health sector. Due to their warm surface, WARM TOUCH products are especially suitable for patients with increased sensitivity to cold, for example, those with rheumatic diseases. The round tubular design enables symmetrical gripping.

The chrome-look coating method not only enables a high-quality chrome look to be achieved and a high degree of gripping comfort, but also an extremely resistant surface. The material is highly impact and scratch resistant. WARM TOUCH products are insensitive to UV light as well as disinfectants and cleaning agents. The smooth, non-porous surface facilitates cleaning and therefore increases hygiene.

Design: Noa, Aachen               

Awards: universal design award 2013

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