System S 01

Integration as a Design Principle

System S 01 integrates all functional elements. It consists of flat modules, from which inner-lying components, for example, hinged support rail, paper towel basket or toilet brush, move out by means of the "Push release" technology and can be lowered back into the module plane after use, so that a flat surface is achieved once again.
System S 01 is based on two components: a prewall installation, which is installed during the structural construction phase, and a preassembled kit, which is made up of the respective functional elements and the final acrylic glass fronts.
The stringent, ordered layout principle and flat design of the individual modules enables full integration in the room.

Colour and material options 
KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten, Munich
NOA Design, Aachen
red dot award: product design 2008
iF product design award 2008