Permanently Reliable

Durable quality

System 900 is perfectly matched to the specific requirements of the professional care segment. Hygiene, safety, functionality and durable quality are properties that are absolutely vital preconditions for use in hospitals and care facilities.
System 900 is permanently reliable. It was designed for use in the highly-frequented sanitary room. System 900 has convincing tested resistance, even under continuous loading. Deliberately selected materials and careful workmanship result in products that show absolutely no signs of wear, even after years of intensive use and cleaning. HEWI products are continuously tested and thus guarantee fulfillment of the highest functionality, reliable technology and safety requirements.

Stainless Steel and Chrome

High-quality materials

Stainless steel

Stainless steel has a non-porous and thus particularly hygienic surface. Minimum

care is sufficient to prevent dirt, bacteria or microorganisms

from becoming attached. The material is extremely robust and resistant to scratches. Products made of stainless steel are extremely resistant to cleaning products and disinfectants.


The basis of the high-quality chrome products is stainless steel. This makes them extremely corrosion-resistant. The chrome-coated System 900 products are also particularly resistant to cleaning products. The smooth, high-gloss surface makes cleaning easier and is particularly hygienic.

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