Escape route solutions

The safety of people should be the focus when planning and equipping buildings. Securing escape and rescue routes is of particular importance here. Special solutions for escape doors must allow for quick escape in an emergency. For this purpose, the emergency exits should be able to be opened with a handle without any major effort and without the user's prior knowledge of how to operate the panic lock. HEWI panic bars can be operated intuitively with minimum effort and thus meet the requirements of DIN EN 1125 for panic locks. HEWI lever handles are suitable as reliable emergency exit fittings and meet the criteria of DIN EN 179 for emergency exit locks.

Panic bar

Vision decreases significantly with age and thus represents a disability for broad sections of the population. In order for people with poor eyesight to find their way around buildings, information must be presented in high contrast and according to the two-sense principle. At least two senses (seeing, hearing or feeling) should be addressed simultaneously. In this way, the missing or limited perception can be compensated by another sense. With the panic bar, operation is conveyed via two senses: the doubled handle area made of coloured polyamide visualises the handling and can also be sensed by touch. The door opens when pressure is applied against the horizontal operating rod. By marking the optimum pressure point according to the two-sense principle, the panic bar meets the requirements of DIN 18040 for barrier-free construction.

Panic-bar glow

The photoluminescent elements of the panic bar glow show the way outside even in the dark

Light source

The panic bar glow works without power supply and its fluorescent elements increase safety and orientation on escape and rescue routes


Special pigments store ambient light so they glow in the dark


Handles can be used at emergency exits where a panic situation is not to be expected because the people in the building know the exits (DIN EN 179) They are particularly recommended for heavy doors, as they can be opened easily with one hand using the lever handle. Handles are not only suitable as emergency exit locks, they also enable barrier-free operating comfort at variable gripping height. To enable wheelchair users or small children to easily open and close heavy doors, such as entrance or area section doors, we recommend an operating height of 85 cm, according to DIN 18040. This makes it uncomfortable for tall people and walker users to operate the pusher. Handle handles are a suitable solution - they allow a flexible gripping height of 75 to 120 cm.