Systematic Hardware

Design, Material and Quality

The use of high-quality materials, excellent workmanship and use of certified technology characterise HEWI hardware. The systems and ranges are of convincingly high value which, among other things, is reflected in their formal and ergonomic design. Their functionality, perfected technology, durable quality and reduced style make them a lasting component in the building.

System Solutions

For Private and Public Buildings as well as Institutional Care

Due to the modularity of the systems and ranges, HEWI hardware is suitable for both private and public buildings as well as for institutional care facilities. A comprehensive product range ensures custom-fit solutions, precisely orientated to the area of use.

HEWI hardware impresses through its formal and ergonomic design. A shape that has been reduced to that which is essential in combination with a high degree of functionality is the design maxim of HEWI lever handles. The products set themselves apart through their refinement.

This is reflected in reliable technology, lasting quality and a high degree of functionality. Selected materials and differentiated designs, which make reference to clear, geometric architecture, enable optimum solutions.


Fittings in public buildings not only have to function reliably, but must also be designed to be extremely robust. HEWI offers suitable hardware systems for highly frequented doors.

The fixing technology used is designed to withstand even the highest use. The materials are resistant. HEWI fittings offer lasting quality.


Easy operability and intuitive use enable people with impaired motor functions to open and close doors easily without the help of strangers. Another important requirement for the use of fittings in institutional

care is the use of hygienic surfaces. HEWI only uses materials with a smooth surface and which are particularly easy to clean.