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Sustainable design

The essence of the term sustainability, which is deeply rooted in HEWI culture, is not only long term thinking, but also acting. The planet we live on must be preserved and protected. Today's generations should not be responsible for wasting the resources of future generations. HEWI has adapted to changing environmental sensitivity and to the challenges we all face today. We understand the concept of sustainability both individually and economically. What shapes HEWI product development is demographic change linked to both our ecology and the need for sustainability.

Sustainability as a design approach

Social sustainability can often be seen in innovative ways of living and in new concepts for cross-generational building and accommodation. Social sustainability must also be seen as a social responsibility. As a design principle universal design totally supports this approach.

HEWI solutions are recognizable for their future-proof design. Our products can be used equally by everyone across all generations. Modular system solutions that have a completely natural, unobtrusive presence in a room and whose form was developed with the function in mind, are the hallmarks of sustainable bathroom design.

With the highest standards of quality and design, and by insisting on using first-class materials, we guarantee that our products will remain in use for decades without wearing out or becoming obsolete.

Quality and durability

HEWI is a respected and sought-after expert in the field of plastics and injection molding technology because of our decades of experience and our constant drive for innovation. A state-of-the-art facility with in-house toolmaking, automated assembly lines and innovative storage and logistics systems are the foundations of our production base.

Consistently thinking about quality has long been one of our core values. HEWI products are tested far beyond the norm and the results recognized and certified many times.

At our production facility in Bad Arolsen in Germany we are committed to adhering to the climate paths based on the Paris agreement and can look back on constant improvements in our energy usage. We have continuously invested in the development of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. The raw materials we use are subject to strict controls to ensure we produce as little scrap as possible is sent for recycling.

However, all our efforts to make our operations and production more environmentally friendly and ecologically sensitive would be inconceivable, without the initiative and commitment of our approximately 550 HEWI employee partners. Every day, each one of them contributes to making HEWI, our products and our processes a little better.

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