Cleanliness and hygiene

Dispenser systems

Dispenser systems

Manual or electronic

Consistent down to the last detail: HEWI dispenser systems meet the highest demands in terms of design and functionality. Available are manually operated versions as well as a selection of electronically controlled, non-contact dispensers. The large variety of materials used in the dispenser systems offers design options. The HEWI range includes designs in polyamide, antimicrobial polyamide, models with powder coating in black, grey tones and white as well as stainless steel variants.


Disinfectant dispenser column

HEWI's new disinfectant dispenser column offers design options and allows for aesthetic implementation of hygiene measures in entrance areas and lobbies. The design line is designed in the surfaces stainless steel and powder coating with deep matt surface in white, gray tones or black.

The sensor dispenser can be used without contact. Mechanics and drip tray are integrated into the column body and take back.
The disinfection dispenser columns offer a puristic design in the entrance area and, thanks to a reinforced base, optimum stability for hand disinfection.

Disinfection dispenser as floor and wall model

The new products from the System 900 allow hygiene measures to be implemented aesthetically on tables, in front of elevators or wherever they are needed. Their puristic design is skilfully restrained and fits perfectly into existing room concepts.

The dispensers are designed for high performance and heavy use. This makes them particularly suitable for public and high-traffic areas.

The disinfectant is dispensed as a spray and ensures better distribution on the skin. The presetting of the dispensing quantity is particularly resource-saving. It counteracts high consumption of disinfectant.

Dispenser systems

System 900

With immediate effect, a new range of dispensers complements the successful sanitary system 900. Models are available with powder coating in black, shades of grey and white as well as stainless steel versions. The dispensers are characterised by their robustness and are perfectly suited for use in heavily frequented sanitary rooms. A lock interlock provides protection against misuse. A large number of the dispensers are available in a sensoric version in addition to manually operated versions. From soap and disinfectant dispensers, paper towel dispensers and waste bins through to hygiene combinations in various sizes, HEWI offers a consistent, functional range which is also characterised by the highest design standards.
For more information on our manual and electronic dispensers, please see the video.

Dispenser systems in HEWI quality

Versatile application possibilities

At HEWI, form and function merge to form an inseparable unit, resulting in a unique product design which is simultaneously characterized by high everyday suitability. Thanks to the modular structure of HEWI systems, you have maximum design freedom when designing sanitary facilities and bathrooms.

Whether for the office, a communal facility, doctor's practice or public institutions: HEWI dispenser systems in combination with waste containers provide a good opportunity for hygienic hand washing in communally used sanitary rooms. 

Our dispenser systems are characterised by simple assembly, have been tried and tested many times in practice and offer a high level of convenience. You will receive a large selection of manual and touchless dispensers. We carry models made of high quality plastic, stainless steel and with powder coating. Dispensers made of stainless steel or with powder coating are characterised by a particularly elegant design and are particularly suitable for the upscale furnishing of hotels. HEWI dispenser systems are also particularly easy to clean.

Dispenser systems of the 805 range

Dispenser systems of the 950 series (universal products)

product details

Dispenser systems


Material and colors

Body of the dispenser systems

Stainless steel matt satin
Matt black
Matt white

Inserts/ control element

Jet black
Anthracite grey
Signal white
Pure white

Material and colour options

  • satin stainless steel
  • powder coating in black, grey tones and white
  • inserts chrome-plated or made of polyamide in HEWI colours 90 (deep black), 92 (anthracite grey), 98 (signal white) or 99 (pure white)

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Barrierefreies Bad mit mit Waschplatz, Duschbereich und WC, ausgestattet mit HEWI Serie 477/801 in Anthrazit matt

Range 477/801

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