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System 800 K

System 800 K

High-contrast variety

System 800 K is based on the design principles of System 800 - the clear design language and the characteristically large radii were taken up in the material variant System 800 K. The system is made of high-quality polyamide. White is the basic colour of the 800 K sanitary system. The functional elements can be coloured on request. 

The system is characterised by the targeted use of high-contrast colours. 800 K System is particularly suitable for the care sector due to the material. The modularity of the system allows the sanitary room to be equipped with everything from classic accessories and comfort products to products for standardised, barrierfree areas.

ADA compliant products

Easy grip

Targeted use of colour contrasts facilitates orientation and allows intuitive use. As only the functional elements of System 800 K are coloured, these are highlighted and the function is illustrated. If the functional elements are also designed in a contrasting colour to the surroundings, they are also easily perceptible for people with impaired vision.

Grab bars

Support rails provide safety and support in all areas of the sanitary room – whether at the washbasin, the toilet or in
the shower. The System 800 K support rails allow simple, easy and, above all, flexible use. Easy to grip surfaces and
a cross-section that is adapted to the hand, enable dynamic gripping and effective force transfer. The tubular design
of System 800 K allows a positive locking grip which means that when the body is supported, the load is distributed
evenly across the fingers, palms and joints.

Support rails

The three-point attachment guarantees safe and permanently reliable installation. The fixing roses are made of
corrosion-proof steel. The innovative fixing technology enables corrections, so that grab bar can be installed exactly.
Self-latching roses made of high-quality polyamide conceal the fixing. Thanks to the extremely small gap, dirt cannot
collect between the wall and handle. This increases hygiene significantly. In addition to hygienic benefits, the support
rails offer the opportunity to implement the ADA requirements in compliance with the norm.

dementia-sensitive products

Orientation through contrast

In Germany, about 1.5 million people are currently suffering from dementia. Each year, the number of patients will increase by around 300,000. In addition to symptoms such as forgetfulness or speech disorders, the ability to find one's bearings also changes. In order for people with this disease to maintain their independence, it is particularly important to provide them with guidance in the form of clear structures and an environment that is easy for them to perceive.

80 percent of all human beings orientate themselves through their eyes. The ability to see decreases with age. A high-contrast, colourful design facilitates perception and thus helps people with age-related visual impairments to find their way around.

product details

System 800 K

Colour creates atmosphere. Colour is a functional element. Colour structures rooms. Discover System 800 K in 7 HEWI colours and create intuitively usable living worlds.


Material and colors

Basic colour

Pure white
Stone grey
Anthracite grey
Jet black
Ruby red
Material and colour options
  • Basic colour in 7 HEWI colours
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  • iF product design award 2010
  • universal design award: consumer favorite 2010
  • IFA Usability Park: Publikumspreis 2010
  • Nominiert: Designpreis Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2011
  • interior innovation award - Best of Best 2013
iF  product design award 2010
universal design award: consumer favorite 2010
IFA Usability Park: Publikumspreis 2010
Nominiert: Designpreis Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2011
interior innovation award - Best of Best 2013


Barrierefreies Bad mit mit Waschplatz, Duschbereich und WC, ausgestattet mit HEWI Serie 477/801 in Anthrazit matt

Range 477/801

HEWI barrierefreier Waschtisch mit Haltegriff in Weiß matt aus Edelstahl und Einhebelarmatur Chrom mit weißem Griffelement aus Polyamid