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Accessible bathroom design – the advantages of a multi-generational bathroom

Multi-generational living is a component of building planning that has been gaining in importance for the past several years. Both an aging society and changing family structures influence how the sector is developing. In this article, you will find out why it makes sense to think about multi-generational bathroom design from the outset.

Accessible bathroom design enables different generations within a family or as part of new living concepts (e.g. multi-generational shared flats) to use the bathroom safely and comfortably. The requirements for multi-generational bathroom are diverse: The desire for modern, appealing aesthetics is just as great as the desire for standardized accessibility, which enables independent and autonomous living in old age and can implemented with durable, robust products.

What are the advantages of a multi-generational bathroom?

For new builds or renovations, it is advisable to consider accessible bathroom design right from the planning stage – because what is a comfortable and convenient bathroom today will support independent care routines tomorrow. These benefits are offered by multi-generational bathrooms:

  • Multi-generational fittings respond to demographic change

Multi-generational bathroom concepts are how planners and architects such as yourself respond to the demographic changes of our time. People today have a longer life expectancy. At the same time, many older people wish to spend their twilight years in their own home for as long as possible rather than in a care facility. Accessible bathroom fittings help aging people or people with changed circumstances to best fulfill this wish.

  • Multi-generational bathrooms strengthen social ties

A multi-generational bathroom is designed to bring different generations together. This strengthens interaction and social ties between different age groups. Multi-generational bathrooms encourage contact between household members and counteract loneliness. Older people in particular feel increasingly confronted with loneliness; this is being reduced with modern living concepts. Mutual support is another factor that many residents consider to be a great advantage in multi-generational bathrooms.

  • Cost savings thanks to multi-generational bathrooms

The basic idea of a multi-generational household is clear: All family members are able to share one living space. This saves both rental and heating costs and other resources. Another advantage is that difficult to implement or cost-intensive conversion measures are reduced. If you need more support in your daily bathroom routine after an accident, in the event of illness, or in old age, a multi-generational bathroom immediately fulfills your needs. Conversion measures and retrofitting are superfluous because the bathroom is designed to be accessible right from the start.

  • Multi-generational bathrooms offer flexibility

Bathrooms with multi-generational, accessible fittings offer a high degree of flexibility. They are designed in such a way that they can be easily adapted to changing life circumstances and provide their users with the best possible support in their everyday lives. In multi-generational bathrooms, any retrofitting can be avoided thanks to forward-looking planning. Furnishing them with mobile solutions that can be used as required is ideal.

  • Multi-generational bathroom fittings offer a plus in terms of sustainability

With multi-generational bathroom concepts, you choose the sanitary solutions with foresight and awareness. Thanks to mobile solutions, the replacement or expansion of products in a multi-generational bathroom as life circumstances change is superfluous or already planned for. The sanitary products will therefore support your customers over a long period of time. When it comes to sustainability, you should pay particular attention to robust and durable materials when choosing a product.

What furnishings are suitable for a multi-generational bathroom?

The furnishing in a multi-generational bathroom should meet all the requirements for accessibility. Flexibility to respond to the individual needs of your customers plays another important role in the furnishing. Mobile products with clever functions in particular offer maximum convenience and flexible support.

These requirements form the basis for the design of the accessible sanitary series and systems from HEWI, which are ideal for use in multi-generational bathrooms.

The innovation for accessible bathrooms – System 900

System 900 is the answer to the complex requirements for accessible bathrooms. The products are well thought out down to the smallest detail – they score high in terms of functionality, durable quality, clever installation technology, and hygienic design. The mobile solutions bring more flexibility to a multi-generational bathroom.

The sanitary solutions are available in the colors black and white matte and in the high-quality surfaces chrome, stainless steel, and powder coating as well as in your personal favorite color – the design options of our System 900 leave nothing to be desired. For us, accessibility does not mean sacrificing on the aesthetics. That’s why our solutions are designed with a combination of design and comfort.

In our series of articles, you will learn how to implement accessibility in a multi-generational bathroom, especially when it comes to toilets, washbasins, and showers.

Multi-generational bathroom concepts are forward-looking

Multi-generational bathrooms offer many different advantages for their users. With a multi-generational bathroom design planned in advance, you can help your customers to realize their dream bathroom that will support them for many years to come. The right furnishing plays a key role here.


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