Fresh Impulse in the bathroom

HEWI brings more lightness into the bathroom – System 800 accessories get a refresh with powder-coated surfaces in matt white and matt black.

Modern bathroom with washbasin, shower area and WC

With System 800 and the new surfaces, HEWI is once again setting new standards in terms of high-quality design and functionality in the bathroom. Whether matt black or matt white is a question of personal style.

Photo: HEWI

White and black stand for elegance and timelessness. In these colours can also be an invigorating highlight. With this in mind, HEWI, experts for barrier-free sanitary solutions, has freshened up their System 800, which has been successful for more than 10 years now: with powder-coated surfaces in black matt and white matt that are also appealing to the touch. An inspiring measure to expand once again the planning versatility of the tried-and-tested accessories of the System 800 range.

The new finishes of System 800 accessories with powder coating in matt black and matt white complement the existing finish in chrome and are recommended for the hotel and home sectors.

Photo: HEWI

HEWI systems are internationally regarder as unmistakable and extremely durable. Their slender lines, modularity and precision down to the finest detail make an impact in sanitary rooms and in all sorts of buildings and give them that certain something. Within the diverse, combinable series and systems from HEWI, System 800 is characterised by clear lines and large, harmonious radii. According to HEWI, they create a “special lightness in the bathroom”.

Elegant ensemble in matt white: Soap dish, tumbler and soap dispenser.

Photo: HEWI

Award-winning and timeless

System 800 has won several awards and was created by Phoenix Design. With system 800, HEWI pursued the idea, together with the design specialists, of creating a design language based on basic shapes with a reduced use of materials and, in the sense of universal design, to enable all people to use it without restriction. "The design should relate in its clarity to the architecture and inspire those who use it. We are convinced that System 800 maintains the perfect balance between form, function and emotion, and in this sense will outlast short-lived trends", as Andreas Haug from Phoenix describes the concept. Among the recognised design awards that HEWI has received for System 800 is the Universal Design Award. HEWI received this coveted design award as early as 2010. This illustrates how the company already contributed at an early stage with its outstanding expertise to anchoring the theme of universal design in architecture and society.

The toilet brush set and toilet paper holder are as minimal in form as possible and have a timelessly elegant effect. The new, powder-coated surface in white matt or black matt is extremely pleasant to the touch and adds an emotional aspect to the design.

Photo: HEWI

System 800 has won several awards and was designed by Phoenix. The new accessory surfaces in matt white and matt black are emotionally appealing and give the proven system a fresh impulse.

Photo: HEWI

New: System 800 accessories in black matt and white matt

The new versions with powder coating in black matt and white matt complement the existing chrome finishes and are recommended for the hotel and home segments. The already very large planning diversity has now been significantly expanded with the System 800 accessories available in matt black and matt white and offers fresh inspiration for the design of the washbasin, WC and shower/ bath areas.  Further creative scope is provided by the inserts of fine, satin-finished crystal glass or high quality polyamide. "With System 800 and the new surface finishes, HEWI sets new standards once again in terms of high-quality design and functionality in the bathroom.  Our carefully designed bathroom series in the sense of universal design pursue design standards in which function and form are closely interconnected with each other. The system concept and the variety of surfaces and materials allow HEWI solutions to open up versatile design options", is the conviction of Susan Herrmann product manager at HEWI.

In combination with the washbasin and mirror, the accessories in the new matt black finish provide a contrasting accent.

Photo: HEWI

HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH

Since its foundation in 1929, HEWI has developed into a system provider for comprehensive solutions in the areas of building hardware, sanitary accessories, and accessible products. Over the past 90 years, the company has grown to become a topic leader in accessibility and a recognised expert in system design. In line with Universal Design, HEWI focuses on the individual needs of  people. 

Lovingly designed detail: the hooks of the System 800 accessories are now also available in matt black and matt white.

Photo: HEWI

Clear lines characterise System 800 right down to the support rail. With the new powder-coated surface in matt black, it feels very pleasant to the touch.

Photo: HEWI

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