Dementia Washstand | Orientation Guide

Dementia washbasin and tap

Dementia washbasin with fitting AQ 800 K

More than 44 million people worldwide suffer from dementia. In Germany, there are currently around 1.5 million. Each year, the number of patients increases by around 300,000. Dementia poses special problems for those affected and their environment. The orientation disorders that intensify in the course of dementia severely limit the independence of people suffering from dementia and are often one of the reasons for moving into a care facility. It is very difficult for people suffering from dementia to open up a new living environment due to their cognitive impairments. They depend on clear structures that provide them with spatial as well as situational orientation and maintain their independence.

Color and function

HEWI has developed a washbasin especially for dementia patients. The vanity has integrated grab handles that can be used to pull up and hold on. The functions of the washstand are signaled by permanently attached colored markings. Both the integrated grab bars and the washbasin are outlined in color to highlight them. This makes it easier for people suffering from dementia to perceive the washbasin in the room and to understand how to use it. This promotes orientation and thus independence.

Qualitative studies on the color perception of people suffering from dementia show that the color red is most likely to be perceived. For this reason, the colored markings of the washstand were designed to be red.

Red is also the color that is most easily registered in the case of declining vision in old age or inoperable eye diseases, such as macular degeneration. Thus, the dementia washbasin is also suitable for people with age-related visual impairments, provides orientation and promotes independence.

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