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Entro Orientation Systems

Ladies WC sign with Braille and pyramid lettering

Information signs with tactilely detectable lettering

With clear, internationally understandable pictograms, the signage series guide conveys information and thus facilitates orientation in the building. The signage series can be used in many ways. The pictograms used were designed by Otl Aicher. The signage series includes a wide range of pictograms.

Individual labeling options

Guide can be used to implement a detailed guidance and orientation system. The symbols of the signage are tactile. In addition, there is the possibility to apply Braille and profile writing. Signs in tactilely detectable lettering make an important contribution to enabling people with sensory impairments to find their way around the building and thus ensure their independence. Profile lettering can be perceived both haptically and visually. The letters and characters are displayed in prism-like plastic form and can thus be felt and read. A clearly contrasting design is possible through font size and suitable color selection.

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