H4 Hotel Mönchengladbach

In the newly built H4 Hotel directly at the stadium of the first division soccer team Borussia Mönchengladbach, the hearts of the Fohlen fans beat faster.
Included: The lever handle 162 in robust stainless steel - quality and attractive design in one.

Borussia Park Mönchengladbach

The proximity to Borussia Mönchengladbach's soccer field influences the design of the H4 Hotel's rooms and the building.
The individual rooms reflect what is happening on the square. Each floor has its own individual design and shows great soccer moments in the club's history. On the floors, themed rooms offer insights into Champions League, European Cup, DFB Cup and championship successes. In some rooms the guest stays with a view of the square from the bed. This makes the overnight stay a unique experience for the fan.

But this hotel is more: on a total area of around 15,000 m² and seven floors, the building not only houses the H4 Hotels brand hotel with 131 rooms and other hotel facilities. The building also houses the club museum, fan store, rehabilitation and fitness center with treatment rooms, and the club's administration. The fan can not stay closer to his club.
Even the design of the building closely follows the Borussia Mönchengladbach club. The club crest - the Borussia rhombus - is the design principle.

"With the H4 Hotel Mönchengladbach, we have created a place where soccer enthusiasts can follow the sporting action up close," says Alexander Fitz, CEO of H-Hotels AG. "There is a lot of heart and soul in this project. We hope that the guests will enjoy it as much as we do. Both the location and the concept of the hotel promise an impressive stay."


slapa oberholz pszczulny | architekten

The architects J.M. Slapa, H. Oberholz and Z. Pszczulny have been jointly developing and realizing buildings in the areas of office, commercial, hotel, industrial and residential construction as well as airports, sports facilities or facilities for teaching and research for over 30 years.
The internationally active architectural firm sop architekten, with around 90 employees and headquarters in Düsseldorf, stands for a clear, timeless architectural language and for the holistic consideration of a building down to the last detail.
The architectural principle is not short-term effect or flashiness at any price. The architectural firm focuses on timeless architecture, clearly structured and designed for the long term. A building must be just as present and appropriate, coherent and comprehensible in 30 years as it is today.

System 162 - design and quality

The lever handle series 162 from HEWI blends in with the avant-garde architectural style of the H4 Hotel at Borussia Park. The elegant but robust style of this hardware series creates an extremely attractive effect on the door. The purist design solution of lever handle 162 in the mini version reduces the lever handle to the essentials without sacrificing functionality. Thus, even in the free-occupancy version, it lends an elegant impression to the hotel bathroom.

The design language of System 162 is based on the miter cut. In the 1920s, the French architect Robert Mallet-Stevens came up with the idea of separating a round tube and rejoining it at right angles with miter joints. He thus created a minimalist lever handle for timeless architecture. Today, the design is best known by the term "Frankfurt pusher". The puristic design concept of System 162 convinces with its linear design, high functionality and material options.


Photographer: Thomas Ott

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