Clinic Dr. Decker shows: sanitary solutions can be aesthetic and functional

At Clinic Dr. Decker, discover how architect Sabine Lenz-Hefele used the System 111 lever handle and solutions from the 477/801 sanitary series to create a continuous design in matte black. The result: a homely atmosphere in the patient rooms. 

Project description

Located in the north of Munich, the Schwabing district was once the neighborhood of bohemians and artists. Imposing Art Nouveau villas still characterize the picturesque streets. The plaques on the buildings take the mind back to the time when artists and literary figures such as Paul Klee, Thomas Mann, Rainer Maria Rilke and Wassily Kandinsky lived and worked in the district.

In the heart of the district, in the immediate vicinity of the English Garden, the Clinic Dr. Decker is located in a listed Art Nouveau villa. With its founding year in 1896, the clinic looks back on a history of more than 120 years and is now managed by the fourth generation in the family tradition.

Trendy sanitary solutions in historic rooms

During the renovation and modernization work, the focus was on the feel-good factor for patients. This is why trendy sanitary solutions have been enriching the historic rooms since the renovation.

In keeping with the Healing Architecture approach, the 477/801 series in a matt finish brings a homely feel-good atmosphere to the traditional clinic. In combination with lever handle 111 in the matt edition, a continuous design is created - from the door to the bathroom.

Patients and guests alike feel at home in the Clinic Dr. Decker

The velvety matt design objects have created inviting and timeless sanitary rooms that support the patient's healing process. Because the pleasant personal atmosphere and the aesthetic design make the patient feel like a guest at Clinic Dr. Decker.

Clinic Dr. Decker implements its demand for hygiene, safety and an appealing ambience with the sanitary solutions of the 477/801 series in a matt finish. The concept stands for a development in healthcare buildings that is not only strongly oriented towards the well-being of the patient, but actually sees him or her as a guest.

HEWI washbasins with integrated accessibility are particularly useful. The shallow washbasin is wheelchair accessible and practical grab bars provide reliable support. These can also be used as a towel rack.


The 111 lever handle in the matt edition enables a continuous design

In its long history, tradition and modernity have always shaped the character of Clinic Dr. Decker

Folding support handle in grey

The matte surfaces are not only an aesthetic eye-catcher, but also a haptic experience with every touch. The patient of the orthopedic clinic can get well in a pleasant atmosphere.


Photographer: Thomas Ott

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