Effectively conserve resources with HEWI SENSORIC fittings

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Thorough hand washing is a significant hygiene measure in times of the global Covid-19 pandemic to reduce the risk of virus transmission. Especially in public buildings, healthcare buildings and hotels, visitors wash their hands longer than usual. According to the energy service provider Techem, this results in increased water consumption. HEWI has developed sensor fittings that noticeably reduce consumption.

Saving resources with electronic fittings

The electronic HEWI SENSORIC fittings, which are operated by means of a sensor, help to significantly reduce water consumption. Triggering the flow of water through the sensor starts a preset time interval that controls the length of use. Thus, the faucet automatically turns off after a set time, which counteracts excessive consumption of water when washing hands. With the aid of intelligent sensor technology, this function offers an efficient way of effectively saving water.

To be able to check the water consumption of all installed fittings in a building, the free HEWI app is recommended. This provides an overview of the water consumption and user frequency of all HEWI SENSORIC electronic fittings.

HEWI's electronic fittings can be operated by means of a lithium battery or alternatively with a plug-in power supply unit. If there is a power failure in a building, the valves of the electronic fittings close automatically. As a result, the water flow is deactivated. This function once again helps to conserve resources, as excess water consumption can be reduced.

More hygiene thanks to sensor solutions

In addition to saving water, HEWI SENSORIC fittings also have the advantage that they maximize hygiene. No need to touch the faucet to trigger the water flow - a hand movement is sufficient for this. Consequently, transmission of pathogens is no longer possible. This function turns out to be particularly valuable in times of strict hygiene requirements.

In addition, an automatic hygiene flush, which is also controlled via the app, prevents germs from settling inside the electronic fittings. Flushing can be performed simultaneously on all installed HEWI SENSORIC fittings. This contributes to increased hygiene and at the same time reduces the cleaning effort. Particularly when water stagnates in the pipes over a long period of time, hygienic flushing becomes more important to maintain water quality.

Design at the washbasin

HEWI SENSORIC fittings are designed to be water-saving, hygienic and robust, especially for high-traffic public spaces. The electronic washbasin faucets in a satin stainless steel look are also an aesthetic eye-catcher. Thanks to their high-quality workmanship and the use of robust materials, they offer durability in combination with an attractive design.

In addition, temperature manipulation by unauthorized persons is not possible and the absence of mechanical levers in the non-contact fittings protects against damage caused by vandalism.

HEWI fittings

System fittings from HEWI are characterized by a high level of operating convenience, easy cleaning, hygienic design, safe use and ease of maintenance. Depending on the requirements, the faucet is available as a manually operated single-lever basin mixer or as a sensor-controlled faucet. The HEWI system design allows a uniquely consistent design from the door to the sanitary room.

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