Hygiene with style - New disinfection dispenser models from HEWI

Disinfection dispensers from HEWI impress with their design and addition to the mobile disinfection dispenser column, a new dispenser is also available as a floor-standing and wall-mounted model from this is suitable not only for lobbies and entrance areas, but also, for example, for reception counters and in front of elevators.

Modern reception counter with a touch-free disinfectant dispenser in matt black stainless steel
A touch-free disinfectant dispenser is installed on the wall between two lift doors

Matte surfaces

HEWI offers design options with the new products from System 900 and enables an aesthetic implementation of hygiene measures on tables, in front of elevators or wherever they are needed. The HEWI design line is available in stainless steel with a matte finish in white, gray tones or black.the new disinfectant dispenser can be combined with other sanitary solutions from HEWI. Available are soap and paper towel dispensers as well as waste garbage cans in the respective design language. 

Non-contact disinfection

The two models can be used without contact. When the built-in sensor system is activated, the disinfection area lights up and supports intuitive operation. The agent is dispensed as a spray and allows for better distribution on the skin.the presetting of the output quantity is particularly resource-saving. It counteracts high consumption of disinfectant.

HEWI I Public

Equipment solutions in public and semi-public areas should reflect the character of the object with a representative design. Other important aspects in the planning and realization are atmosphere, well-being of the users as well as economic efficiency and sustainability. HEWI offers the possibility to consistently meet these requirements. Consciously selected materials and their careful processing result in high-quality products that can withstand the high frequency of users for years. 

Modern reception area with a disinfectant dispenser column in matt black stainless steel

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