Compliant solutions

System solutions for hospitals and rehabilitation clinics

HEWI offers you compliant equipment solutions which are characterised by hygiene and a high degree of operating comfort.

Hospitals and rehabilitation clinics

Innovative solutions for the health care sector

In the construction and redevelopment of hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, the focus is on the rapid recovery of patients. A design that supports healing is becoming more and more important. The demand is for accessible equipment solutions that offer patients safety and support and at the same time relieve the burden on nursing staff. Hygiene and economy are factors that also play a central role in the planning process of health care buildings.

System 900

Unrestricted functionality

System 900 makes accessible design easy to plan. As a system, S 900 takes particular account of the complex requirements in accessible sanitary rooms. The large variety of materials enables solutions for standard patient baths and elective services - from a single source. 
The product functions are perfectly matched to the field of professional care. Safety, independence and comfortable use are decisive factors. The burden on nursing staff is enormously relieved when patients can act independently. System 900 is designed to support people with reduced mobility.

Resistant to germs

For use in hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, hygiene is a decisive factor. Only materials that are insensitive to wound treatment and cleansing agents are used for System 900. The products are made from as few components as possible, so that only a very small number of joints are created. Precise manufacturing guarantees smooth, hygienic surfaces.

Antimicrobial surface

The integrated antimicrobial protection from HEWI active+ effectively supports hygiene. Microsilver is evenly incorporated into the polyamide during production. The additive is thus firmly bonded to the product and is insensitive to UV light and cleaning processes. Due to the porous surface of microsilver, the material used has an excellent depot effect which, once incorporated into the polyamide, has a permanently reliable effect. HEWI active+ does not cause stress to the environment or the human organism. The active ingredient is ECO-CERT certified and suitable for use in skin care products.

Increasing hygiene

The sealing element provides a quick and reliable seal between the fastening elements and the wall. The wall brackets of the swing-up grab bars and shower seats as well as the fastening rosettes on the grab bars and bar systems can be equipped with it.

Sealing element

Bariatric Products

Customised for your requirements

HEWI has developed products specifically for large individuals which provide reliable grip and support in the bathroom. This range of products offers a remarkable weigt capacity up to 771 lbs. These specially designed bariatric products have been reinforced to withstand extremely heavy loads.

A shower bench not only offers a sufficiently large seating area, it also has integrated grab bars. These make it easier to sit down and get up. Shower benches are also flexible in use. Due to the steel core and additional reinforcement of the seat, the shower bench can be loaded up to 300 kg.

The hinged support rails is reinforced by an additional wall and floor support and has a steel core. Two gripping levels support movement sequences in the bathroom. The polyamide surface creates a pleasant feel. The hinged support rails is particularly space-saving: it can be folded upwards and turned towards the wall.

Grab bars offer reliable support in all areas of the sanitary room. A cross-section that is optimally adapted to the hand promotes effective power transmission. A wider distance to the wall allows an increased gripping range so that obese patients can also safely grasp the grab bar. A steel core inside the grab bar and steel fastening rosettes increase the stability.

Solutions for hospitals and
rehabilitation clinics

HEWI is continuously developing its portfolio and is setting standards as the market leader in the care sector. Many years of experience have made us an expert in this field. Discover our system solutions from the entrance area to the corridors and the patient bathroom.




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Whether sanitary systems or cross-design and cross-range fittings for doors and windows - HEWI products are as individual as the people who use them. They guarantee high ease of use and unlimited functionality in a multiple award-winning design that meets all requirements and satisfies all needs.


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