Prestigious equipment

System solutions for office, commercial and event buildings

Create an atmosphere in which employees and visitors feel comfortable with HEWI


Office and commercial buildings

Reflecting company values

Office buildings and commercial premises establish identification with the company. They represent corporate values to the outside world and create communication and work structures for employees and customers. HEWI offers you well thought-through equipment solutions which create atmosphere and provide orientation and at the same time meet all demands on cost-efficiency and sustainability.

Hygiene in the entrance area

Dispenser systems

Hygiene is becoming increasingly important in people's consciousness. HEWI dispenser systems meet the highest demands on design and functionality. Available are manually operated versions as well as a selection of electronically controlled, non-contact dispensers.
The new disinfectant dispenser column enables design options and an aesthetic implementation of hygiene measures in entrance areas.






SERVICE AND information

Whether sanitary systems or cross-design and cross-series hardware for doors and windows - HEWI products are as individual as the people who use them. They guarantee high ease of use and unlimited functionality in a multiple award-winning design that meets all requirements and satisfies all needs.

In multiple award-winning design that meets all requirements and satisfies all needs




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