Series 270 | Architecture en miniature

Office building door fitted with a lever handle with reduced rosette in matt stainless steel

Series 270 | mini

Architect and product designer Hadi Teherani takes a holistic view of architecture. His work does not end with the design of the architectural space. Hadi Teherani has made it his mission to atmospherically charge the space. The architecture provides the basic structure for the design idea and manifests itself in the smallest detail. The linking of disciplines is particularly evident in product design.

For example, the 270 series designed by Hadi Teherani is characterized by an architectural grace. The design language shows attitude through its deliberately chosen purist design. Clear edges and geometric lines look like a reminiscence of its architecture.

Minimalism in its purest form: The design is reduced to the essentials and consistently reflects the design of the HEWI mini rosette. Thus, the door handle and rosette create the perfect interplay. Matt polished stainless steel emphasizes the timeless design. Series 270 is characterized by the highest quality and manufacturing precision. The new HEWI hardware series is the perfect result of design, technology and quality.

The fastening technology meets the requirements of user category 4 in accordance with DIN 1906 and is suitable for both the private sector and heavily frequented office and commercial buildings.

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