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Lockable window handles

HEWI protective rosettes

Protective rosettes can prevent burglary

The number of residential burglaries is continuously increasing. In most cases, the perpetrators enter the apartment through exterior doors or windows on the first floor.

Protective rosettes for exterior doors

The burglar-resistant effect of exterior doors such as front doors or basement doors can be significantly increased by equipping them with protective rosettes that protect the lock. Protective rosettes are designed to make mechanical manipulation (drilling or forcible tearing off) of the profile cylinder more difficult, thus preventing break-ins.

HEWI protective rosettes are conically shaped so that they cannot be forcibly twisted off. The bottom part is additionally hardened to increase the stability of the rosette.

HEWI protective rosettes are optionally available in polyamide steel composite or stainless steel, certified in accordance with DIN 18 257 Class 1. HEWI protective rosettes are suitable for use on burglar-resistant doors (DIN EN 1627-1630). These have an additional drill protection plate in the lock area for increased security requirements.

Lockable window handles

HEWI window handles for locking enable the window to be opened only with a key. In addition, optional lockable window handles with a tilt-before-turn function are available. When the window handle is locked, it releases the window for tilting with a 90° turn. The window sash cannot be completely opened (turned) when it is locked.

The lockable window handles are certified by an independent testing institute. They meet the requirements of resistance class RC 1-6 (protection against twisting off and forcible demolition). They are suitable for use on burglar-resistant windows (DIN EN 1627-1630).

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