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95 years of innovation and design - HEWI is celebrating a proud anniversary.

Modern, timeless and in demand worldwide - HEWI, the leading expert for barrier-free sanitary solutions, is celebrating its 95th anniversary. And the company is looking back on its design icons and innovations. Highlights include the iconic lever handle 111, which has been setting standards since 1969, the stylish S 162 architectural hardware ranges in stainless steel from 2002, the comprehensive S 900 architectural system and the 477/801 ranges, which is inspiring the industry once more with the development of the innovative ICONIC colour concept.

Artistic exhibition of 16 door handles and key rosettes

One of HEWI’s highlights is the iconic lever handle 111, which has been setting standards since 1969. With a design that concentrates on the essentials and a well thought-out colour concept, HEWI never fails to impress.

Photo: HEWI

Innovation and design

HEWI was founded in 1929 by Heinrich Wilke as one of the first plastics processing companies in Germany. Since then, the company has been on a remarkable journey, merging traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. The revolutionary design principles of the Bauhaus style are deeply rooted in ranges such as S 477/801 and S 111. They are expressed in a design that concentrates on the essentials and a well thought-out colour concept. The urge to constantly search for new paths also corresponds to the Bauhaus philosophy. With this in mind, HEWI has always developed innovative solutions that transcend conventional boundaries. Influences from the Italian Memphis style, known for its daring experiments with shapes, colours and materials, have also enriched product development. Just recently, the new ICONIC colour concept was developed for the barrier-free 477/811 ranges and the design icon was adapted to current trends.

The accessories in the 477 ranges, shown here in the matt edition, are extremely adaptable to a wide variety of interior design styles. Together with the barrier-free products from ranges 801, they form a comprehensive complete solution that has been tried and tested for decades and has become a timeless classic in architecture.

Photo: HEWI

The barrier-free ranges 477/801 in light grey creates exciting accentuation in bathrooms. HEWI succeeds in rejuvenating the design classic again and again.

Photo: HEWI

With its 477/801 ranges, HEWI created a true classic, which has stood for made-in-Germany quality ever since and has become the market leader in the accessible sanitary fittings segment. This icon is available in all HEWI colours and in three exciting Tricolour colour combinations, which give the range a distinct look that appeals to the senses. In schools and daycare centres, they bring a light-hearted and fresh touch to the ambience.

Photo: HEWI

Design original - lever handle S 111 

Colour was also involved when the legendary S 111 lever handle was designed: In 1969, Rudolf Wilke, son of the company founder, and the German architect Winfried Scholl created a true design icon with the S 111. At the time, the S 111 lever handle was an experiment with the plastic polyamide, and HEWI quickly recognised the antistatic, abrasion-resistant, chemically-resistant and durable properties and knew how to exploit their advantages in terms of hygiene. Numerous healthcare facilities, care homes, daycare centres, schools and even private homes are equipped with S 111 and the product family developed from it, based on the round tube design, meaning that entire generations have grown up with the products. Even 55 years after its creation, the 111 enriches our day-to-day lives.

Lever handle in the colour ruby red

System 111 from HEWI is a design icon among lever handles - with it, the company from Bad Arolsen has written design history. The HEWI lettering is embossed in the end of the original lever handle facing the door leaf. This can be easily felt with the fingertip. Incidentally, the number under the lettering stands for the diameter of the lever handle.

Photo: HEWI

Photo: HEWI

HEWI continues to develop the round tube design

The characteristic round tube design of the 111 inspired HEWI to take the theme a step further. This gave rise to the S 162 building hardware ranges in 2002. This was based on the mitre cut invented back in the 1920s. S 162 immediately became a favourite of creative professionals in the fields of architecture and interior design. In 2014, the system was expanded to include matching stainless steel sanitary accessories. HEWI went one better for its 90th birthday: The Aachen-based design studio NOA created the barrier-free S 900 architectural system based on the round tube design, which, according to Christiane Küper, Head of Brand & Sales, “combines universal design with high functionality and a unique depth of product range”. The idea of being able to use HEWI throughout, from the door to the sanitary room, is part of the success story.

Innovative further developments are characteristic of HEWI. In 2002, the S 162 architectural hardware ranges was created, which now includes numerous fittings and sanitary accessories with a harmonised design. The photo shows the Mini design variant with the much smaller rosette.

Photo: HEWI

Bathroom, equipped with sanitary accessories such as towel rail, soap dispenser, toilet roll holder in the colour white matt

System 162 offers comprehensive system expertise that includes not only sanitary accessories but also a versatile range of fittings. The characteristic design element of System 162 is the mitre cut, which has been further developed by HEWI in a contemporary way.

Photo: HEWI

Architectural brand HEWI stands for universal design

Over the decades, HEWI has developed into a sought-after architectural brand. Universal design is deeply rooted in our DNA. The aim is to develop products that offer added value for people and are characterised by the highest standards of design and function. It should be possible to adapt rooms and objects to the respective needs of the users at any time. Principles such as simplicity, intuitive use and sufficient space are therefore incorporated into almost every product development.

A look into the future

The pioneering spirit and passion of the first generations are also tangible in Managing Director Thorsten Stute and Christiane Küper, Head of Brand & Sales. Under her leadership, HEWI has developed into a leader in the field of universal design and a recognised expert in system design. Numerous designawards in recent years emphasise this. Looking towards the next decade, the vision remains clear: to offer innovative, aesthetic and functional design solutions that improve people's lives worldwide and conserve resources thanks to their durability. “We are proud of our decades of experience. We are driven by the desire to continue making a positive contribution to a sustainable society with innovative products in the future. In this way, HEWI will continue to reinvent itself while remaining true to its high standards of design and functionality,” says Thorsten Stute.

The pioneering spirit and passion of the first generations is also tangible in Managing Director Thorsten Stute and Christiane Küper, Head of Brand + Sales. Under her leadership, HEWI has developed into a leader in the field of universal design and a recognised expert in system design.

Photo: German Design Council

HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH

Since its foundation in 1929, HEWI has developed into a system provider for comprehensive solutions in the areas of building hardware, sanitary accessories, and accessible products. Over the past 90 years, the company has grown to become a leader in the field of accessibility and a recognised expert in system design. In line with Universal Design, the focus for HEWI is on the individual needs of people. 

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