Reduced design - high functionality

Range 805

Range 805

Clear room staging

The minimalist design of range 805 allows for a clear room setting. Right down to the smallest detail, this range shows that good design and intelligent functions form a unity. For example, the functional area of the dispenser systems made of high-quality polyamide is contrasted in colour. Due to the use of polyamide, the operating elements are comfortable to grip. Due to the colouring, they stand out in contrast and are therefore easily recognisable. Universal Design considers the requirements of all users. Range 805 was developed based on this philosophy. The range includes both classic sanitary accessories and products that have a slightly supportive effect, as well as articles with complex, barrierfree functions for use in standardised public areas. A selection of dispenser products is also available in a non-contact version.

Intelligent Functions

Range 805

Sanitary Range 805 was developed for use in public spaces. It is characterized by high functionality.For example, level indicators are integrated into the dispenser products to facilitate the stocking of consumables such as soap or paper towels.The choice of materials and design simplify the cleaning of the products. Well thought-out details, such as lockable dispensers or concealed fastenings, protect against theft and vandalism.

product details

Range 805

Designed for use in public and semi-public buildings, Range 805 is characterised by careful workmanship and the selection of robust and easy-care materials. 

Material and colour options
  • Matt-polished stainless steel surface
  • Polyamide functional elements in 4 selected colours


Stainless steel matt satin

Functional elements

Signal white
Pure white
Anthracite grey
Jet black

NOA Product Design, Aachen

  • iF product design award 2008
  • red dot award: product design - honourable mention 2008
iF product design award 2008
red dot award: product design - honourable mention 2008


Range 805 classic

System 900

System 162