Hygiene and ease of operation



SYSTEM Fittings

Consistent design

HEWI system fittings stand for quality. They are well thought-out down to the smallest detail and are characterised by high operating comfort, easy cleaning, hygienic design, safe use and ease of maintenance. They are designed for use in highly frequented public sanitary rooms. HEWI offers a selection of child-friendly fittings especially for small users. HEWI's system design allows a uniquely consistent design from the door to the sanitary room. HEWI system fittings follow this principle and complement the existing portfolio.

Together with HEWI sanitary accessories, barrierfree products, washbasins and fittings, they form a design unit.DVGW certification or compliance with the criteria of DIN 15091 documents that HEWI system valves meet the highest quality requirements. Fulfillment of demanding requirements regarding safety, hygiene and functionality is thereby confirmed by an independent testing institute. The WELL efficiency label shows how resource-saving the system fittings are.

Available in DE, AT, BE, NL, LU, FR, PL

new surface

Trend colour black matt

The matt finish of the HEWI fittings in black has a refined look and makes them sophisticated style icons at the washbasin. The fittings with the new surface support existing colour concepts or deliberately set accents in the room.

AQ 800 K

AQ 950


SAFE TOUCH Brausethermostat

360 degree view - rotate and turn with the cursor.

Sophisticated functions

Sophisticated technology down to the smallest detail

Selected, first-class materials enable long-lasting fittings and also provide security for drinking water quality. Sophisticated technology and the exclusive use of high-quality components from established manufacturers create the conditions for lasting reliability.Outstanding quality is achieved when every detail is well thought out and brings tangible benefits. In the case of the system fittings, this is clearly demonstrated by a large number of technical features which distinguish each individual HEWI fitting.

Protected cartridge

The lower edge of the lever completely covers the cartridge cover cap. This protects the interior from contamination. In addition, the closed mould protects the cartridge from damage, for example by cleaning agents. 

Hygienic design

Hygiene is significantly improved by deliberately dispensing with a tie rod bore and using a closed fitting body. This makes the body of the fitting particularly easy to clean.

HEWI Mini Thermostat

The HEWI Mini Thermostat controls and limits the maximum outlet temperature of the water. The water flow stops automatically if the cold water supply fails, so that the user cannot scald himself. This makes the use of HEWI system fittings even safer.

Easy assembly

Pre-assembled components and the clear marking of the connecting hoses facilitate assembly. Neoperls 450 mm long connection hoses are made of stainless steel mesh and have coloured braided threads for warm-cold marking.

One design language - two operating modes

Manual and sensor-controlled valves

Depending on requirements, the fitting is available as a manually operated single-lever washbasin mixer or as a sensor-controlled fitting. Functionality and operating forms are different for these two variants - but not their design language.


Intuitive operability

Many years of experience have made HEWI an expert in accessibility. Since then, product design in terms of universal design has been a matter of course for HEWI. The system fittings have been developed according to barrierfree aspects. They form a barrierfree functional unit with the washbasins. 

High-contrast design

Large radii prevent edges where you could bump into each other. Operation of HEWI system fittings is intuitive: whether by clear, easily perceptible hot/cold marking or a high-contrast highlighted operating lever or by contact-free sensor release, which requires no effort to operate.

AQ 800 K single-lever washbasin mixer

The coloured handle element can be designed to be rich in contrast - a choice of 16 HEWI colours is available. It is made of polyamide and is pleasant to touch.

AQ 800 Single lever washbasin mixer

The single lever washbasin mixers are equipped with an open operating lever. This allows operation with only one finger and facilitates use for people with motor disabilities

Comfort and safety in the shower

Shower thermostats

Thermostats in the shower offer special comfort: the water quantity can be precisely adjusted using a control element on the side. The desired temperature is selected via a separate control element. A hot water cut-off with safety button limits the water temperature to 38 °C. Warmer water can only be set when the hot water lock is released using the safety button. The Flühs thermostatic cartridge immediately compensates for fluctuations in temperature and water pressure so that the water temperature is constant. This increases the safety of the user. 

HEWI shower thermostats are made of solid brass. This enables particularly long-lasting quality. The brass body as well as the Neoperl backflow preventers withstand high internal pressure. HEWI shower thermostats are therefore particularly suitable for thermal disinfection. Backflow preventers allow the water to flow in only one direction - this protects the water pipes from contamination and prevents the formation of germs.

The HEWI SAFE TOUCH shower thermostat offers additional protection against a valve body that is too hot. The technology allows the valve body to be cooled inside. This keeps the surface of the shower thermostat at a pleasant temperature so that touching it does not cause burns. The Flühs thermostatic cartridge immediately compensates for fluctuations in temperature and water pressure so that the water temperature is kept constant.The shower thermostat is equipped with a hot water lock to prevent accidental scalding.

The thermostat cartridge inside the shower thermostats compensates for temperature and water pressure fluctuations. If the cold water supply fails, the water flow stops so that the user cannot scald himself.Integrated silencers minimise noise so that HEWI shower thermostats are extremely quiet. Due to their safety and hygiene, the shower thermostats are particularly suitable for the demanding use in hospitals. 

Taps and washbasins for kids

Very easy to use

HEWI taps for children are characterised by their particularly easy operation. Different operating forms train the child's motor skills. The water quantity of HEWI's single-lever basin mixers can be precisely adjusted with just one control element and the water temperature can be conveniently controlled at the same time. Thanks to the smooth movement of the operating lever, this is even possible for small users without any effort.


HEWI System design

Consistent design

System 162

System 162 enables consistent design from the door to the bathroom in a consistently purist design. A striking design element is the mitre cut, which emphasises the straight lines of System 162. The individual elements are characterised by deliberately understated design - purism in its purest form.

System 800 K

A clear shape, high-quality, glossy polyamide and the targeted use of colour determine the design of System 800 K. White is the basic colour of the 800 K sanitary system. The functional elements can be coloured on request or are also available in white.

System 100

Reduction to the essentials is the design principle of System 100. The minimalist design language was inspired by classical modernism. System 100 is well thought-out down to the smallest detail and convinces with clever functions, perfect ease of use and the use of high-quality materials.

System 800

System 800 combines organic forms with purist design. Harmonious radii and clear lines characterise the accessories. System 800 is the perfect combination of clarity, emotionality and function.

Range 477/801

Range 477/801 combines the classic with the modern The timeless design has made the sanitary series a classic in the bathroom. High-gloss or matt, coloured surfaces, precise workmanship and well thought-out functions characterise range 477/801.

product details

System fittings

Selected, first-class materials enable long-lasting fittings and also provide security for drinking water quality. Sophisticated technology and the exclusive use of high-quality components create the conditions for lasting reliability.

Material and colour options

  • Fitting body made of brass
  • High-quality chrome-plated, stainless steel satin finished (PVD coating) or black satin finish

  • Coloured polyamide handle element

Coloured handle elements

Signal white
Pure white
Light grey
Stone grey
Anthracite grey
Jet black
Mustard yellow
Ruby red
Apple green
May green
Aqua blue
Steel blue


  • HEWI, Bad Arolsen
  • AQ 950 f/p design, Munich


  • iF product design award 2017
  • German Design Award 2018 - Winner
iF product design award 2017
German Design Award 2018 - Winner


System 815

System 900

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