Folding seat for the shower in the colour white

Safety and comfort

Shower seats


Increased comfort and safety

A seat in the shower not only increases comfort but also safety. HEWI shower seats can be loaded up to 150 kg. They are characterized by a hygienic surface that is easy to clean. The plastic seat surface is particularly kind to the skin. In addition, it is designed to prevent slipping in wet conditions and thus provides reliable grip.

Fixed shower seats can be supplemented with a backrest for added comfort. Flexibility is provided by mobile shower seats or hanging seats that can be quickly and easily installed wherever they are needed. Different sizes and shapes guarantee that HEWI shower seats really do fit in every shower.

Shower seat in the colour white

Permanently installed shower seats

Permanently installed shower seats have a folding seat. If the shower seat is not required, more space in the shower can be created with a single movement.

Folding seat for the shower

Suspended seats

HEWI suspended seats can be added particularly easily in the shower. They are simply hooked into permanently installed HEWI shower handrails or grab rails and secured with them.

Chrome shower seat

Mobile seats

The mobile seat allows the shower to be flexibly equipped. If required, the mobile shower seat is simply snapped into the permanently installed mounting plate.

Adiposity bench in the colour signal white made of polyamide

Shower bench

A shower bench for people who are extremely overweight not only offers a sufficiently large seating area, it also has integrated handles. The shower bench can be loaded up to 300 kg.

Barrier-free care bathroom with washbasin, shower area and WC

Height-adjustable seats

The height of the shower seat can be adjusted without effort in four stages and can thus be optimally adapted to the respective user.

Shower stool with side support handles, seat in the colour deep black and with a chrome-plated frame

Stools and chairs

As a mobile seating unit, the shower stools can be used wherever they are needed. They can be used flexibly in the bathroom - for example also at the washstand.

Design, Aesthetics and Post-Industrial Recyclate

Re-seat family: statement for best eco-design

HEWI's new Re-seat family consists of three stools and two bathroom chairs and is made from post-industrial recyclate, some of which comes from HEWI itself and some sourced from a regionally based producer. In the natural colours forest green and dark granite grey, they offer an exciting and vivid look and feel.

The material blend of recycled polypropylene and recycled polyamide gives the lightly speckled surfaces a vibrant and individual look with their unique patterns and translucent spots of colour. The use of recycled material not only reduces plastic waste, but also makes each seat and armrest a one-off.

360 degree view - Rotate and turn the product with your cursor.

Product details

Shower seats

The shower seats are available in different shapes and sizes. In addition, HEWI offers flexibly usable shower stools for safe comfort in the shower.

Stool in grey

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Barrier-free care bathroom with washbasin, shower area and WC


Barrier-free bathroom with washbasin, shower area and WC

System 900

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