Series 805 Classic | Safe and robust

shower holder bar with shower handrail

Barrier-free bathroom with series 805 Classic

Series 805 Classic increases the safety of users. The barrier-free products for WC and shower are designed to reliably support users. Due to the classic round tube design, Series 805 Classic is characterized by high ergonomics and securely gripping holding systems.

Series 805 Classic shower and tub handrails, angle handles, shower support rails and shower curtain rails are available in standard dimensions or custom-made to the millimeter. The products are extremely resilient. Series 805 Classic is made of satin stainless steel. The material convinces with robustness and features an easy-care, hygienic surface. Series 805 Classic products provide reliable support for limited strength and mobility. The upgrade kits increase the functionality of the stainless steel series and thus also user comfort.

For example, folding support handles on the WC can be supplemented with a back support. This has an upholstered backrest made of easy-care, hygienic PUR. It stabilizes and gives secure support to the back. HEWI folding support handles can also be supplemented with useful convenience elements, such as a flush release or toilet roll holder. The uncompromising, user-friendly design allows flexible use and promotes independence.

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