HEWI design icon on Mallorca

Designer Christine Leja has created a private paradise on Mallorca. The design icon System 111 adds just the right amount of warmth.

Design/Photo: Interior design and photography by bconnected

Vision and design are closely linked because, according to Christine Leja, owner of bconnected Interior Design Studio Project development & Real Estate on Mallorca, “a building project is meaningful only if it has been built with a specific goal in mind. Each design has a unique underlying idea”. What Leja means by this can be clearly seen in her colourfully designed private estate. Bright colours correspond with the Bauhaus-inspired architecture. Door handles also play an important role in her concept; they are the first thing that is touched when entering the room and reveal her loving attention to detail. In her Mallorcan property, Leja decided to use the HEWI classic System 111, which combines a radiant yellow with a clear style and timeless design.

Design/Photo: Interior design and photography by bconnected

Design/Photo: Interior design and photography by bconnected

Amidst tall, shady trees and surrounded by green shrubs with colourful flowers, the residence in the heart of Mallorca seems to virtually merge with nature. In the distance, you can see the azure Mediterranean Sea, which reinforces the sensation of peace and tranquillity that this special place exudes.

Design/Photo: Interior design and photography by bconnected

Inspired by the Bauhaus style

When designing the the two-storey property, Christine Leja drew inspiration from the Bauhaus style. The simple and clear style and large windows make the rooms appear light and airy. Built in 2017, the house underwent a completely new interior design in 2022 by Christine Leja and her team.

The bedroom and a bathroom are located on the upper floor. The ground floor is designed as an open space with living/dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. Large sliding glass doors open the rooms to the sun and connect the interior with the outdoor area, which consists of a terrace with outdoor kitchen, a chill-out area, and a swimming pool as well as an intensively landscaped garden. The large window areas create a flowing transition between inside and outside and a deep connection between the interior and the surrounding nature.

Design/Photo: Interior design and photography by bconnected

Colours as a central design feature

Leja’s designs focus on light, openness and, of course, colour – as the high-quality interior design of the house shows. Bright yellow, rich pink, red, and orange, and various shades of green – inspired by the surrounding Mallorcan nature – shape the character and stand for an carefree attitude towards life. A special feature is the combination of complementary colours such as purple on a yellow carpet or pink and red. These harmonise with each other in the highest luminosity.

Leja has also played with the harmony of analogue colours (i.e. colours that are close to each other on the colour wheel and have a pleasant and balancing effect to the human eye). Large-format originals by Julio Rondo on the walls, adapted to the colourful interior, unite the complementary colour harmonies of pink-coral and yellow or pink tones from the analogue colour scheme. They also complement the colours of the interior design. In this way, an emotionally touching radiance is created in the room. The diversity and profundity of the colour design continues in the combination of different structures and materials. Smooth (plexi) glass surfaces, mirrors, and metal surfaces meet soft woollen carpets, fluffy sofa cushions, and cosy blankets. With a great deal of courage, free spirit, and sensitivity, Leja combines the most diverse materials and colours and transforms her visions into expressive reality.

Design/Photo: Interior design and photography by bconnected

Symbiosis of Bauhaus and colour

Expressive yellow tones play a central role in the entire arrangement. Radiant yellow accents are found throughout the house. These are reminiscent of the Mallorcan sun and add a touch of warmth and presence to the rooms. Alongside yellow carpets, cushions, chairs and throws, a rich mustard yellow is found on the doors in the form of the iconic System 111 lever handle from HEWI.

Design/Photo: Interior design and photography by bconnected

Photo: HEWI

The design original features a clear style. The bright yellow door handle virtually invites you to enter. As an essential and functional building block in architecture, the HEWI classic is much more than simply a door opener. Leja sees it as part of the overall creative context of a space and as a first encounter that welcomes visitors with openness and playfulness. Because a creative attitude is also expressed in detail.

System with history

With the lever handle of System 111 HEWI, has written architectural history. Its clear style, reduced to the essentials, and the combination of the haptically pleasant polyamide with the carefully developed colour concepts make the lever handle appear fresh and contemporary – even after 50 years. It unfolds a new radiance in interiors. With the bicolour, mini, and matt versions, System 111 has a widerange of lever handles and offers a various design options.

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