Safe support - holding and support folding handles

Grab rail series 800 in chrome

Support Folding Handle Mono Series 950

The balance between pragmatic and emotional aspects is crucial when designing accessible products. Products that enable simple, comfortable and, above all, flexible use meet this requirement.

Grab rails

Grab rails provide safety and support in all areas of the sanitary room - whether at the washbasin, WC or in the shower. Grip surfaces and cross-sections adapted to the hand allow dynamic gripping and effective power transmission. HEWI grab rails allow easy, comfortable and above all flexible use. Filigree supports and extremely flat rosettes emphasize the reduced design. A wide range of materials offers design options.

Folding support handles

A folding support handle provides support for limited strength and mobility. An ergonomically designed, flat grip level enables a secure hold. Due to their dimensions, HEWI folding support handles can be gripped optimally. The front end of the handle can be easily grasped with the hand, so that you can easily support yourself on it or pull yourself up. The folding support handle can be supplemented with comfort elements, such as an upgrade kit for a toilet paper holder or even an arm pad for particularly comfortable support. The support folding handles can be folded up against the wall to save space. Also available are fixed support handles. The Duo folding support rail also has a round lower rail, which provides optimum support when turning sideways onto the toilet. The folding support rails and grab rails are available in high-gloss chrome, satin stainless steel, polyamide or as WARM TOUCH versions.

Mobile folding support rails

The portfolio has been expanded to include folding support rails that can be used individually and flexibly. When needed, the portable folding support handle simply snaps into the permanently installed mounting plate. If the folding support handle is not required, the plate can be covered with a cover cap matching the surface of the folding support handle.

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